Five Good Things

One of my friends is big into making our group of friends participate in “Go Arounds” – basically we go around in a circle and all answer the same question.  Go Arounds can be – and have been – about pretty much anything: the last time one totally wiped out, best thing one has eaten, “coolest” thing one wore in the 1980s, dream car, etc.  One of our most frequent Go Arounds is “Five Good Things.”   There are some rules about good things – they aren’t supposed to be about food, unless you’ve had a really rough day and/or it was a really good food win; events must be recent; no passive-aggressive whining – e.g. “my last car repair was only $500” does not count – unless you were quoted $5k or something.

Mondays can be rough.  Mondays where federal employees and students are enjoying a vacation day can be rougher.  However, today was a pretty good day.  Without further ado, here are five good things about today:

1.) Boo and I went to the grocery store.  (We did not take any pictures.  Did you know that our market has a policy regarding photography?)  I got coffee.  *Technically* this market does not offer free refills.   However!  When today’s barista handed me my cup, without my asking, he told me to stop by on my way out and he’d REFILL ME FOR FREE.  Bonus coffee on a Monday?  Definitely a good thing.

2.)  Boo took a great nap today; as did I.

3.) Boo did not whine at all today – not even once and not even when I gave the tired munchkin a totally nutritional and well-balanced lunch.  The kid is two.  This almost goes beyond “good thing” and into the category of “miracle.”

4.) I found twenty dollars in my jeans.  Back left pocket.

5.) One of my friends emailed me to ask for my address – so she can send me a treat!  I love me the treats.

As I was typing these up, I felt kind of bad/lame that they pretty much all dealt with work.   Then I realized that I got up half an hour before work and have been home for an hour.  So, um, that’s sort of what I did today – but hey!  I had five good things happen at work today!


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