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Olympic Options

Oh, Olympics.  I watch you on television, but never developed any aspirations to participate in your games.  I have friends who have been members of both national teams (in non-Olympic years) and Olympic teams – in addition to others who pursued that dream, yet did not achieve it.  My dreams and goals are different, making me content to eat tacos and commentate.

While eating and viewing last week, an interesting question came up: If you were an Olympian, what would your summer and winter sports be?  In this round of hypothetical questions, we were not considering our skills, experiences, or body types – i.e. the 5’10” girl could totally have said gymnast, while the 97-lber could participate in shot put.  We all agreed that a much easier question would have been: What Olympic sport would you NOT want to compete in?  Hands down: figure skating (winter) and gymnastics (summer) for me.  First, I have this absolute aversion to the idea of glitter and suspect I would be allergic to wearing it.  The absence of ice cream and presence of 5am practices in these sports also turns me way off to them.  From a practical perspective, I’ve always preferred to participate in sports that are objectively judged.  I have a strong sense of fair play and to lose points because my smile wasn’t perky enough would really piss me off.  Like, I just threw my entire body several feet in the air, rotated it 1080 degrees, and you’re concerned with the depth of my dimples?  That would not go over well with me.

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Recent Feedback

As alluded to, I did my civic duty and supported the girls of America, via purchasing a few boxes of their delicious cookies…along with a few more in another variety…and a few more in a third variety…

Once they filled my order (ON THE SPOT!  SCORE!) one of them looked at me and very earnestly informed me: You’re a good customer.

Then her little sash-wearing troopmate wanted to get in on the compliments: A REALLY good customer.

The third, was less complimentary, but equally astute: I bet you really like cookies.

Good job, kids.


Yo Russia!

Um, good job giving your quarterfinal men’s hockey game away.  That was a nice host gift there.   Seriously.  Great gift, horrible game.

I personally find “extra man on the ice” to be THE DUMBEST PENALTY to take and am astounded that BOTH teams (Canada in the second period, Russia in the third) managed to do it.   Come on.  Not really excusable after, oh, let’s be generous and go with mites.  That’s youth hockey lingo.

The Finland-Czech game is on right now and fantastic.

HD is particularly unkind to hockey players.  There.  Said it – guess that was particularly unkind of me.   So far I’ve come since my digital converter box days (um, of last year).


it’s sort of like christmas eve…

Except that it’s not really like Christmas Eve much at all.  Quite significantly, instead of preparing a plate of cookies to leave out for someone else, I am preparing a purchase plan for cookies for myself!  The girl scouts have a cookie stand, conveniently on my commute home, and it’s OPENING tomorrow.  This is fantastic news.  You might remember that I posted yesterday about some (formerly fifteen) cupcakes I made and be wondering how many baked goods a broad (me) needs.  *Sigh.* Um, cookies and cake are both similar and dissimilar.  It’s like shampoo and soap: complimentary products, but different, making it reasonable and preferable to keep both on hand – at all times, of course. 

Really, I would rather eat an obscene number of cookies than explain this.  If you know anything about “cookie dough” take heart in the fact that it is not improbable that I will personally send a child to camp.  Camp is great!  Lasting friendships!  A few years back I served as the maid of honor at the wedding for a friend I met at scout camp.  Buy cookies.  Eat cookies.  Don’t make me do this alone, although I totally can and will.  I dream big, big like my pants.

If supporting kids is important to you and/or if you like delicious cookies, you can go here: to find a local hook-up for your philanthropic self.  It’s for the kids!


In Germany today is Montag.

It is Monday and I am TIRED.  Tired like it is my job, except I sort of suspect I am tired because of my job.  Today was one of those days that I would have enjoyed “modeling” napping much more than tumbling.  Sadly, it was not to be.  Despite this deficiency in my life, I still have…FIVE GOOD THINGS!

1.) I made cupcakes tonight.  The recipe told me to expect twelve cupcakes; this usually means I will get nine.  However!  Tonight I got FIFTEEN.  (Math: 9 < 12 < 15)

2.) Something that I am working on is becoming like those people who strategize sales and coupons to stock their pantries at a profit.  While I am not quite like them yet – mostly because I have a job, something of a life, and remnants of my sanity – I have really been rocking out in this department.  I went to Walgreens on Sunday and saved over three times what I spent.  I am awesome *and* I have some delicious treats and a new bottle of soap in my bathroom.

3.) Have you been watching Olympic hockey?  I have and I have been quite pleased.  Fantastic.

4.) I found the PERFECT gift for a friend who has a birthday coming up.  I really enjoy giving people things I think/know they will enjoy and appreciate.  It is quite possible I get more pleasure out of it than the recipient.

5.) I got six pieces of mail today and not a single one was a bill!  One was a credit card offer, but still – no bills!


beer review: new belgium ranger (ipa)

I was pretty whiny last week; I’m sorry.  There is no excuse.  I sort of used this blog to whine, instead of inflicting it (myself) on my friends and family.  In addition to nobody actually having to deal with it (me), blog form also eliminated my annoying hacking and germs.  The option to Alt-F4 or x-out a whiner is pretty awesome.  But!  Today is about beer.  Beer > Whining

I like beer; beer is great.  I’m a big fan of craft beer.  It’s part of my contribution to America: I’m buying American so Americans work and I’m supporting small(er) businesses.  Sometimes I support Canada too, but that’s good neighbor policy and the route Alaskan Ale travels.  (Juneau where they brew Alaskan Ale? OR Juneau, where they brew Alaskan Ale.  This might only be funny when spoken or it might even not actually be funny…)

I recently had the opportunity to attend a New Belgium Brewery tasting.  New Belgium is in my top five breweries.  While I am not exactly* a fancy beer connoisseur, I am learning what I like, why I like it, and how to articulate that. 

New Belgium recently released an IPA, Ranger.  It is pretty good.  It’s a bit hoppier and sharper than I normally drink, but the taste didn’t linger in the negative (to me) way that some IPAs do and within its sharpness, it was still pretty rounded.  The first thing I noticed was the citrus, which is grapefruity.  I like grapefruit as a citrus in beer.  It always makes me think of summer, which is when I’d prefer to drink this one.  It’s a lot sharper than Three Floyd’s Gumballhead, which I recently tried and also was struck by its notes of grapefruit.  Struck like a hammer; they were that subtle.  Ranger also has a bit of pine in it, which reminds me of why I like New Belgium so much: in addition to enjoying their products, they have high standards of social and environmental responsibility.  If beers had personalities, this one would be outdoorsy, open, and slightly caustic, but in a fun way.  The “right kind of asshole” hiking buddy, if you would. 

I haven’t tried it on tap yet, but my general experience with New Belgium is that their beer tastes better out of a bottle.  I also enjoy holding a bottle of beer.  Finally, it did not hurt that I pretty much took home a goody bag from the tasting.  Sometimes I am easily won over, but this is a beer worth trying. 

*By which I mean “not at all”


i’d make a really smart toddler

Boo is one of those kids who attends “classes”…note the plural and feign shock.  One of our classes is at a chain – heavily scripted curriculum, peppy (and sometimes pitchy) teachers, lots of bright colors, constant product placement, and frequent reassurance that your active participation with your (or “your”) child could potentially nab them a spot at Harvard some day…or better yet, whatever the most coveted local preschool happens to be. 

I am getting kind of sick of this class.  However, Boo absolutely ADORES it and they have an awesome open play schedule.  Still, I’ve been trying to convince him that it would be SO MUCH MORE FUN to spend our Tuesday mornings at soccer or art or a cooking class.  The kid’s usual response is to break into one of the songs from this class.  My least favorite involves the instructor banging on the multi-colored mat, while singing a modified version of “We Will Rock You” with lines like “Givin’ you kisses all over yo’ face!”  

Straight from the company’s webpage, the purpose of this class is to: Stretch the imagination through creative play to support symbolic thinking, language development and social interaction. This class is suitable for toddlers. Obviously I’m REALLY good at this fucking class.  Each week there is a theme around which the activities revolve – horses, monkeys, construction, fire fighters, cars, dogs, post office, farm, etc.  There are props and songs and I’m pretty adept at ad libbing and interacting with Boo.  Do you know why?  BECAUSE THIS IS A CLASS DESIGNED TO PROMOTE SKILLS THAT ARE DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE FOR TWO YEAR OLDS TO BE BUILDING.  I was two a very long time ago and have been honing these skills for decades.  Ask me about my musical theater phase sometime.

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