The one in which I whine

I am sick; I hate it.  Given that I work at The Germ Factory, it’s pretty inevitable that I will bring some “work” home with me on occasion…I just loathe those occasions. I am typing this from my bed, humidifier running, and juice AND water within reach – along with tissues and cough drops.  Today’s Advil intake probably reached double digits before the o’clock did and I’m unable to report how many I consumed as, well, I DON’T HAVE A CLUE.  When I started to hurt too much again and it seemed like it’d been “awhile enough,” I took more – usually to the tune of 600mg or 800mg.  I may or may not have exceeded the suggested maximum daily dosage today.  Fortunately, due to some recent lab work, I know my kidneys are top notch and able to handle it.  If I still feel crappy tomorrow, I am going to circumvent this irresponsibility on my part and count out a “maximum daily dosage” into a separate bottle and only pull from that.  Win.  I spent about six hours today dressed in real clothes to go to a beer tasting (I’m serious; I’d really been looking forward to it!) and dinner with some friends, where I ate Jewish Penicillin.  Given that I can see a synagogue from my front stoop, it isn’t hard to hook up with some good matzo ball soup.  My childhood of ham buns, Jell-O salads, and church lady hot dishes leads me to believe that if more people based their religious affiliation on the eats, there would be a lot more Jews.

In other news, I am coughing up crap that could probably be employed by the US military, if they weren’t, you know, against bioterrorism.  It’s true: we only produce very small amounts of biological warfare agents and only to research how to protect ourselves and respond to a threat/situation.  That’s the official stance; I learned about it back in the day when I was getting formally educated and just did a check-in via the internets to confirm there haven’t been any big changes on that front.  (Because I had concerns that the guy who is pushing for healthcare would also push for weaponizing, say, the plague – Oh wait, I did not.) 

At present I am at that awkward level of ailing – I’m sick enough to be miserable and aware of what burns (throat), what throbs (head, chest), and what might spontaneously explode (ears, frontal lobe, lungs), but healthy enough to well, whine about it.  This leads me to believe that I am also well enough to go to work on Monday, because despite my employers’ generous sick policy (We don’t want your germs; keep them at home for UNLIMITED days – oh, with pay – yes, I have unlimited paid sick days.  Ha.  I can negotiate a contract.  Sort of.  Kind of.  Well, on some points.) I know that they’ve already been exposed to this crud and pretty much blame someone under three feet tall for my current situation.  The germs love the small people; I suspect it is because germs are very small (microscopic even!) so they feel most comfortable in such a habitat.  Still, argh.  Sometimes having a solid work ethic is really annoying…kind of like being sick.


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