Spring has Sprung

Or at least that’s what my local liquor store thinks.  I was there earlier this week and found no less than FIVE (New Belgium, Leinie’s, Sam Adams, Magic Hat, and Blue Moon) spring seasonals on the shelves.  Um, yeah…it’s barely February by the calendar and it’s still January by the thermometer.  For those in the DC area, I’m not really sure what it is, but I’m going to go with “not spring” as a place to start.  Here in the tundra, I did spot a flicker of grass last week, but it was dead and frozen and brown.  Spring is about life and rebirth!  And apparently ridiculously early/optimistic beer releases. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of Oktoberfest beers and there are a couple of summer brews of which I am also pretty fond.  Admittedly most seasonal options for winter* don’t do much for me, so it isn’t like I’ll be sad to see them go.  (I’ve totally been exploring my year ’round options – lots of supporting small businesses and jump starting the economy, if you know what I mean.)  Oktoberfest beers are here so fleetingly that I generally miss the part where they are phasing out and I need to stock up.  Amazingly, I still have *one* Sam Oktober that I’ve been hoarding for a really good day…or a really bad day.  I was doing the same thing with a box of Girl Scout cookies, but then it turned out I am allergic to that kind.  Girl Scout cookies are something else (although entirely irrelevant to the world of beer) whose availability I would extend before that of spring seasonal beers.

I guess I could look at this as hope for the future and a hint that spring will actually come.   Living in the desolate tundra, where my wet hair freezes on the ten foot walk from front door to car door, I sometimes forget that.  (I don’t own a blowdryer; I am aware that I will catch my death of cold – there’s the explanation for my current predicament, not the germy children.)  Spring will come, then summer, and I will sit in my backyard and drink beer and grill and it will be great.  For now though, my trunk will continue to hold a winter survival kit and the occasional twelve-pack of spring seasonal beer.

*New Belgium’s 2 Below has grown on me.  Fortunately, I also like their spring ale, Mighty Arrow.


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