Five Good Things (or Pollyanna Rides Again)

An update on my whinging of last week: it was totally justified.  Today I went to the doctor and then the pharmacy where I picked up FOUR prescriptions – antibiotics, steroids, narcotics, etc.  Whoops.  And now…FIVE GOOD THINGS!  Afterall, it’s still Monday.

1.) I have health insurance.  Part of me is sad that this is a legitimate “good thing” but honestly, from a selfish perspective it totally is.  While I have definite opinions about some healthcare issues – not just in the US, but also worldwide – I am creamed-corn-on-toast glad that I am able to access good healthcare.  A lot of people in my line of work don’t have health insurance (which is lame) but I have never been one of them.

2.) My internist is someone whom I like as a person and as a practitioner.  Additionally, she belongs to pretty much the most efficient practice ever.  My initial plan was to hold out until the end of the week before making an appointment* to see if my immune system could “kick this crud” (I know) but then this morning sure evicted THAT idea – no notice, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  I called the office while Boo ate breakfast and got an appointment – with a doctor, albeit not my primary – for this afternoon.  You know what else?  They totally called me back to an exam room at my appointment time – to the minute – and the doctor was in promptly after the nurse took my vitals.  (Good thing I was not running late, as I sometimes do.) 

3.) I don’t have to work tomorrow!  Because I’m sick and contagious!  Wahoo!  It was MomBoss that “suggested” I take the day off, so I don’t even feel unnecessarily or irrationally guilty about taking the time off for my body to recover.  So there.  (MB worked from home today and I sort of secretly suspect she is sick of hearing me hack.)

4.) I arrived at my doctors’ office early, so ducked into the Marshalls that is pretty much next door and found an amazing mug that I am going to mail to one of my friends.  It has Snoopy on it and says “Sugar Lips” and its colors brought me back to the opening credits to Saved By the Bell.  (Zach > Slater > Screech > Mr. Belding.)

5.) I got up at 8:07 this morning and managed to: make coffee, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and arrive at work EARLY – 8:28.  I’m not sure I’ve ever hit that many green lights in a row and all of the alleys through which I weave were clear of garbage trucks and moving trucks. 

*My practice even offers SATURDAY appointments.


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