The best things in life are free…and so is yogurt

There are a lot of clichés out there about how everything comes with a price – “there’s no such thing a free lunch,” “you can’t get something for nothing,” “there’s a cost to everything and everything has its cost,” etc.  Guess what?  THOSE ARE ALL LIES BECAUSE I TOTALLY GOT FREE YOGURT TODAY AND IT’S EVEN ORGANIC.

I get an almost perverse joy out of maximizing my grocery dollars.  (Fine, my any dollars.  However, it’s a challenge I most frequently and satisfyingly play with groceries.)  I think coupons are great.  Clipping coupons is akin to cutting money out of paper.  Sort of like magic, sort of like alchemy, really just fantastic.  While I don’t know if the circulars and sales are consistent across regions, I do know that at my local Whole Foods Market, Stonyfield Farms Organic Oikos yogurt is on sale for $1 this week.  That’s a pretty good deal, if you happen to like overpriced yogurt.  However!  In this month’s “Whole Deals” or “Whole Values” or whatever they call their in-store propaganda that highlights their products, contains ideas/recipes for their products, and also has coupons for their products; there is a coupon for $1 off any Stonyfield Farms Organic Oikos yogurt.  Let’s have a quick math lesson, shall we? 

Math Lesson: $1 – $1 = $0 and $0 = FREE!

Get yourself some free yogurt.  If you don’t like Greek yogurt as it comes, you could totally do something with it like make a tzatziki sauce or a dip or use it to cool your mouth after delicious and spicy Indian food or get creative.  For example, one time, when I was making scrambled eggs I tried to sub yogurt for milk. I was out of milk and my logic was yogurt contains milk; more importantly, I actually had yogurt.  While I don’t recommend going that route, there are a lot of other options for free yogurt than scrambling it with eggs.  I plan to eat mine straight up, possibly with a little bit of cinnamon and some fresh fruit.


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