sick day fail

Until today I thought it was my stellar work ethic that kept me from taking sick days, although my general decent health probably contributed too.  (This was the second sick day I’ve taken in over 2.5 years.)  Something I learned about myself today, during my many empty hours of self-reflection, is that I am BAD at sick days.  This is entirely different from being bad at being sick (although I’m miserable at that too) and being a troublesome patient (I prefer the term “involved” and I’m very upfront about it).  What I am talking about here is my deficiency at staying at home, in bed, recuperating.  I suck at it.  Suck.  At.  It.

I am pretty sick little monkey.  Part of me is considering staying home again tomorrow or at the very least working a short day, that is pretty low functioning.  (The family I work for is totally supportive of me adjusting “our” day when I need to: participating in naptime, the occasional a/v activity, no-cook lunches, etc.)  Unfortunately, while my physical health would probably (definitely) benefit from another day off, I’m not sure that my mental health can take it.

I’ve been pushing the liquids, so there has been some inevitable activity -.intake/output – blah, blah, blah.  (This is a public blog, so I am trying to respect the possibility of polite company – Hi Dad!)  Unfortunately this morning I ran into a bit of a conundrum: I had that urge but I wasn’t exactly sure I could make it out of my bed and down the hall without, you know, dying or losing a lung.  I was such a respiratory mess during my visit to the doctor on Monday that I’m on a rescue inhaler, which I’ve definitely been using after strenuous activities, such as breathing and rolling over in bed.  Getting out of bed and walking?  Sure, right after that triathlon. 

While summoning the energy to move, I decided it would be a great idea to make a to-do list because “Oh wow!  I have a whole day off and it’s only 11am!  AND THERE IS SO MUCH I NEED TO DO THAT JUST WILL NOT WAIT ONE MORE SECOND!”  So while I contemplated how to convince my body to move before my bladder pulled a Hindenburg, I wrote up a to-do list.  Top of the list was obviously remedying my current “situation.” (I really like crossing things off of lists.  Sometimes I put “make a list” on my list, just so I can cross something off right away.)  After that, I added some logical things like wash/change my germy linens; take my prescriptions; and look out window to see if it is snowing, and if so SHOVEL SNOW.  Because I rent and that’s totally not my responsibility and my landlord is really great about the fact that it is his responsibility.  Also on my list?  Assemble shelves for storage – this did not happen.  I did add some bits like “watch television” to combine relaxing with feeling productive.  For me, a lot of it is about the list and crossing tasks off of it.

Admittedly, after sleeping in and my third or fourth nap, I got a bit twitchy.  After taking my (prescribed) steroids, it got worse.  I did manage to mostly limit myself, because, you know, sick and there’s apparently a quota on my oxygen intake – I also took lots of breaks.  When it comes down to it though?  I suck at sick days and I don’t really enjoy doing things I am not good at.  Oddly enough, I almost hope that I am well enough to go to work tomorrow for at least a partial day.  I tackled most of my sedentary chores today, so I’m a bit worried what I would come up with to entertain myself tomorrow.  Like I mentioned above: There are some storage shelves that need assembling…


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