six(!) good things – it’s a bonus.

It’s Monday.  Again.  A lot of America was off today.  Again.  I was at work.  Again.  Whatever, I barely worked last week – quarantined, you know.

1.) I was (unsolicitedly) offered a job over the weekend.  Before the confusion starts: I love my job and Boo is fantastic.  However, we are about to enter a period of renegotiating my position/contract.  There are five changes I am going to propose.  One is a language clarification that benefits us all; two are reasonable and I am pretty sure they will agree to flat-out or with slight modifications (that are still acceptable to me – totally planting a buffer); one is a change we made, like two years ago and have been observing, but never recorded; and then there’s the fifth amendment…the one I know that they do not want.  So, of course that fifth one is the only one about which I feel truly adamant.  Of course.  Compromising on it would significantly lower my quality of life, both on and off the clock, so it’s nice to know that I don’t have to compromise.  I don’t want to change jobs, but it’s comforting to know that I have a solid Plan B.

2.) I am feeling so, so much better.  I did not need a nap today and feel as human as I ever do.

3.) I left work before 6pm today!  After, oh, 5pm I generally stop caring that I get paid hourly for overtime and just want to go home.

4.) I bought a new microplane with a giftcard and it is super sweet.  I forgot that I had a giftcard until I was basically outside of the store, so it was like free money.  I’ve been wanting a nice microplane for awhile and have a few recipes that I am looking forward to trying with it.

5.) I hung out with some friends from out of town over the weekend.  I like them a lot, but do not get to see them a lot.  We made some future plans too, which I am pretty sure we are actually going to do.

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m going to add a sixth:

6.) I live in a democracy that has had many strong leaders and weathered the weaker ones.


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