it’s sort of like christmas eve…

Except that it’s not really like Christmas Eve much at all.  Quite significantly, instead of preparing a plate of cookies to leave out for someone else, I am preparing a purchase plan for cookies for myself!  The girl scouts have a cookie stand, conveniently on my commute home, and it’s OPENING tomorrow.  This is fantastic news.  You might remember that I posted yesterday about some (formerly fifteen) cupcakes I made and be wondering how many baked goods a broad (me) needs.  *Sigh.* Um, cookies and cake are both similar and dissimilar.  It’s like shampoo and soap: complimentary products, but different, making it reasonable and preferable to keep both on hand – at all times, of course. 

Really, I would rather eat an obscene number of cookies than explain this.  If you know anything about “cookie dough” take heart in the fact that it is not improbable that I will personally send a child to camp.  Camp is great!  Lasting friendships!  A few years back I served as the maid of honor at the wedding for a friend I met at scout camp.  Buy cookies.  Eat cookies.  Don’t make me do this alone, although I totally can and will.  I dream big, big like my pants.

If supporting kids is important to you and/or if you like delicious cookies, you can go here: http://cookielocator.littlebrownie.com/ to find a local hook-up for your philanthropic self.  It’s for the kids!


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