Better Late than Never: Five Good Things

Ugh, it’s been a week in so many ways.  At least it’s Wednesday, albeit just barely.  Sadly, I am writing this at 10:20am, to post when the internet feels compelled to return – I am going to work late, as Boo is getting a haircut with his mom, i.e. I am not Negligent Nannykins.  The “five good things” are from Monday – I just didn’t have time/energy to put them up prior to this.  So, after excessive delay:
1.) Two of my friends had very positive experiences, with mutual interest, with guys over the weekend.  (One even already went on a second date!)  I am hoping at least one has a friend for me – preferably the one that lives in my ‘hood.
2.) I did not have to run the heat in my car all weekend.
3.) I have a vacation coming up in less than a month!
4.) I (finally) finished the book that I have been trudging through.  I will not be writing a review recommending it.  It turns out that I cannot renew it again (it’s a library book) so whew – good timing me.
5.) I discovered a way to clean my ceiling fans without a ladder (which lives in the creepy basement) and only minimal risk of breaking my neck.  THEY ARE SO CLEAN!!!!  And they will stay that way.  The things that bring me joy…
It’s okay to judge me; I probably judge you.

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