Five Good Things (from the girl who did not wear down today)

While it isn’t spring by the calendar, it’s spring by my jacket selection.  That’s a good thing in and of itself.  Here are five more:

1.) I ordered a free t-shirt, which I am getting more and more excited about.  This is extra exciting, as I am trying not to buy any new clothes right now.  I don’t need them and would rather save the money for my upcoming trip(s?). 

2.) I am well into the planning stages of Baconalia, including the procurement of some of its elements.  One of the major elements (specifically, my standard bacon) is on sale this week!  Score! 

3.) Last week, both a friend of mine and a cousin of mine had surgery.  They are recovering well and their surgeries were productive.

4.) In the book I am currently reading, the main character uses words like “fripperies” and “gew-gaws.”  The best part?  She’s ten.  The other characters don’t find it odd at all.  Sometimes I think I should have been born into a work of fiction.*

5.) There is a light at the end of the tunnel with regard to winter (car) commuting to work!  I was totally bike commuting in the fall in our current temperatures.  All that is holding me back now is the Titanic-sinking-sized chunks of ice I would have to bike over. 

*Not Russian fiction.


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