Product Recalls

As part of my job, I monitor product recalls.  There are a lot of commonalities in recalls.   Here are some tips:

1.) All dollar store jewelry is made of lead.  All of it.  What you might think is plastic, is actually very soft lead. Also regarding lead: I’m pretty sure it’s China’s chief export.

2.) Window treatments with long strings that hang down are considered strangulation hazards.  You know, because of that long string that hangs down.  This is rectifiable by buying a “child safety” kit, attaching a nail/hook to the wall, OR TYING IT UP, AROUND ITSELF, OUT OF REACH. 

3.) Hoodies with drawstrings around the neck?  Also a strangulation hazard.  Apparently LONG STRINGS AROUND THE NECKS OF CHILDREN could pose a potential hazard.

4.) Things that are sharp pose a laceration hazard.  Yesterday there was an actual recall about lacerations from a machete.  If I had a machete and it didn’t cut things, I would be dissatisfied and return it.

5.) Avoid being an idiot.  Take for example The Great Bumbo Recall of ’07.  Who thought that putting a young infant, mere months out of the womb and barely able to hold its head up, in a restraintless seat on a counter AND THEN WALKING AWAY was a good idea?  Similarly, who are the people letting their toddlers play (again, probably unattended) with the side latches on their strollers?  I get that some people do not have the disposable income for a lot of toys and books, but rocks, sticks, and Tupperware are great fun.  Books from the library are free.

Obviously there are some product recalls that are unexpected and legitimate  – e.g. The Great Learning Curve Train Scandal of ’07 or various incarnations of exploding cars.  However, the need for most recalls would be SO avoidable via tips 1-4 and applying some (minimal) common sense.  Unfortunately, I sort of suspect some people participated in a recall on common sense.


5 Responses to “Product Recalls”

  1. 1 Erin Donnely
    March 11, 2010 at 9:03 am

    I subscribe to the CPSC child safety recall list too and I’ve dutifully avoided anything with drawstings for my boy. However, it does not stop him from playing with the drawstings on MY hoodie and trying to strangle ME. Beware.

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