This week’s Monday Arrived an Hour Early and with Five Good Things

Ugh.  Daylight Savings.  As much as I prefer to leave work when it’s light out, there is not much good about “springing ahead.”  Ugh.  Somehow, though, I still managed to come up with five good things:

1.) I was not late for anything, nor did I confuse any times <- due to Daylight Savings or general idiocy.

2.) Betty White is hosting SNL on May 8th!  I’m going to set the DVR NOW.

3.) I had some friends over for a gathering on Saturday night and I think it went fabulously.  At the very least, I had a fantastic time and nothing broke.

4.) As part of number three, I did A LOT of cooking.  Some was logic, some involved recipes, and some I sort of made up as I went.  Everything turned out!  I am fairly certain of this, as I personally tried everything.  While I am more inclined to repeat some recipes than others, it’s pretty great to not have a single fail.  I also seemed to have the exact perfect amount of food – no leftovers, but no guests surreptitiously ordering pizza. 

5.) I’m a little embarrassed about this one – mostly because of my level of excitement about it – but it is a great week for combining coupons and in-store sales.  What did you say?  Free Colgate and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?  A block away, at a store I am at at least once per week anyway?  A-Mazing.


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