Baconalia! Review: Canadian Bacon with Labatt Blue (tallboy can)


All told, Baconalia! was amazing and I have no regrets.  I did, however, have one dud.  Before any rogue vegans start to jeer or bacophiles start to sob, I must make a confession: I did not try to make this one good. Sometimes I’m a bit of an ass…this was one of those times. 

Bacon is not my only love.  My heart also pitter-pats for ice hockey.  When I was a kid last summer, we’d spend those summer vacations much like we spent our dark winters: playing hockey.  That’s just how it is in both my current residence (Desolate Tundra) and childhood home (Forsaken Tundra).  I’ve always felt closer to our Neighbors to the North than my fellow Americans below the Mason-Dixon Line.  I just can’t relate to people who lack strong opinions on (snow)plow infrastructure.  Anyway, given this apparently one-sided kinship I extended to America’s Hat, the gold medal hockey games felt a bit like someone took a freshly-sharpened skate blade and slashed me across my heart.  Team Canada cut me deeply – twice – and I am still a bit bitter.

The original plan to include Canadian bacon was an effort to be multicultural and open. Like I said above, I thought we shared a certain level of friendship, eh.  But nooooooo.   I also was sort of running out of prep time and the CB was not exactly a high priority.  So, um, I microwaved it.  And then tossed it on my fantastically dorky pi(e) plate.  Sometimes I like to lend karma a helping hand.

I paired the Canadian bacon with a Labatt Blue tallboy. I only got one, because I didn’t think any of my friends would be too excited about it, with so many other, better options.  I was mostly right, except for Kristen…who pretty much chugged it down.  Future reviews will demonstrate that I do not have any issues with mixing countries of origin within a pairing.  I do however have a problem with mixing levels of quality.  Labatt Blue was pretty much what microwaved Canadian bacon deserved. 

Nobody complained, because my friends are all too polite for that, but this was the ONLY bacon* that did not get completely consumed.  In fact, one of my friends and I decided we’d rather return to the kitchen late-ish in the evening to make more bacon versus eating the Canadian bacon.  It just was not good; again, probably because I didn’t try for it to be good and maybe almost tried to serve it some comeuppance.

I suppose if I wanted Canadian bacon to shine, I could have done something like eggs benedict, except for the part where that sounds like an awful lot of work.  Pizza with CB and pineapple would have been more reasonable, but I was too busy holding a grudge.  Blame Canada!

*Um, or HAM.


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