OCD – Where C is for Cleaning

I might have a problem.  You know what my problem isn’t?  A dirty abode.  Here are ten tidbits that recently made me pause between pledging and windexing:

1. Figuring out a new way to clean my ceiling fans ranked as a “good thing.”

2. I remove heating vents to clean them…along with as much of the venting as I can reach.

3. I use separate sponges to clean each room.  To avoid confusion, I store them in labeled baggies (not closed, so can dry completely, of course) and run them through the dishwasher or microwave on a regular basis

4. I assigned a different color sponge for dishes.  The dishes’ sponge also gets cleaned on a regular basis.

5. In general, I decline offers of assistance with cleaning because I know it won’t be up to my standards, but don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – particularly when they are trying to be helpful. (I am unsure if this makes me a good roommate or a bad roommate.)

6. You can often find me on my hands and knees. With a sponge.  Scrubbing the floor.  Followed up by mopping it.  At 12:36am.  On a weeknight.

7. I staunchly believe that unless my hands are red from the water being super hot, the water is not hot enough to really get things clean.

8. Similarly, if the fumes from a cleaning product make my eyes water and/or throat burn, chances are it’s killing germs too.  (Aside: I would love to use only natural cleaning products and do use some citrus/vinegar/baking soda mixes.  However, I have yet to find an eco-friendly product that works as well on my shower walls as Tilex.  When I do, I’ll make a change, but until then?  Tilex.)

9. I clean my vacuum filter.  Regularly. 

10. Anytime anyone says, “Now, don’t judge me for being anal/compulsive/OCD, but when I clean, I…” and then admits to something like bleaching their garbage can, I have never thought them to be anal/compulsive/OCD.  They almost always confess to something that I do or do, well, more completely.  On the rare occasion that their confession does not fall into either of those previous categories, I generally add their “quirk” to my cleaning list.


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