New Toy!

I bought myself a treat at Borders the other night – my favorite magazine, Real Simple. My subscription is taking forever plus one day to kick in, which is kind of annoying.  Last time I checked, it will begin in July…Awesome, since I ordered my subscription in November.  Anyway, the tenth anniversary issue is currently on newsstands, and there is no way that I was going to miss that. 

While paging through the issue, I found myself totally salivating over a new product.  I must have it.  I have to have it.  Fortunately, it’s only $20 and doesn’t take up much space, so I totally am getting it.  Um, it’s a mini vacuum for “computers and collectables” and I cannot wait to own my very own.  A lot of my bric-a-brac is in storage, predominately because I hate clutter and I hate cleaning clutter even more.  I appreciate the bric, but needed a bit of a break from cleaning it.  According to the editors of Real Simple – a source in which I have a lot of faith – this won the road test in its category and “gets the dust off tchotchkes.”  What more could a girl want?!?!?! 

There is something else a girl could want, and it does this too: decrumbs keyboards.  I am serial snacker, sometimes a serial cereal snacker.  This means my laptop keys are often a mess.  I’ve used compressed air, but that just blows crud around, versus sucking it up.  On more than one occasion (because I don’t learn) I have removed up to all of the keys from my keyboard, in an effort to really clean it.  Here’s a tip: before taking all of the keys off of one’s keyboard, I highly recommend creating some sort of system or lexicon to replace them efficiently and correctly.  While I really don’t look at the keyboard while typing, when the keyboard is totally empty, I personally experienced some debate as to where some of the keys go.  Whatever, my days of that dilemma are done.  Fin. 

I cannot wait to get my Dirt Devil Cordless Detailer.  I already started a list of what I am going to clean.  I hope the charge lasts a long time, because I have some real plans.  One thing I am not going to vacuum is my medicine cabinet, even though the editors of Real Simple claimed highlighted that as an ability of my toy-to-be.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crumb or anything really vacuumable in my medicine cabinet.  My shelves are glass, so I prefer to remove them, along with everything on top of them.  The shelves get Windexed and its occupants usually get a wipedown with Clorox Anywhere.

It does feel a little wrong to get so excited about buying a small vacuum.  However, that is who I am and I embrace myself.  And when I’m done embracing myself, I am going to order this little bugger.  Can’t wait!  Honestly, if this is wrong, I don’t think I want to be right – especially if being right means I don’t get a Dirt Devil Cordless Detailer!


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