Cinco Cosas Buenas

Welcome to an international edition of five good things!  I escaped the tundra for a quick reprieve in the southlands.  The hours and hours of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s are fantastic.  I mean, who doesn’t like to break a sweat while sitting and reading? 

 1.) Warm.  Sun.  Warm, sun, warm, sun, warm, sun, warm.  Hello Vitamin D!  The a/c is running on HIGH.

 2.) I saw whales!  There were three of them and they were amazing – close enough to the shore to see well and spent a long time “showing off” for us.  We’re talking seriously huge breaches and seriously huge splashes.  The sort that are audible and visible.

3.) I made it almost forty-eight hours before getting noticeably sunburned!  I totally coated myself in, oh, SPF 70, but my skin hasn’t seen sun in months and my complexion is such that my mom used to call me a “porcelain princess.”

4.) The local currency is in the crapper.  I am a mega millionaire.

5.) My Spanish is less bad that I thought it was.  In my immediate group, my skills are in the top 50%.  Admittedly, we only have one good and one nearly-fluent Spanish speaker, so the bar is set pretty low, but whatevs – I mostly just like being above average.


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