Crock Pot Funfetti

Not for eating...

Crock Pot Funfetti: I am convinced that I can make this work, despite the total failure of my first attempt – my “control” attempt.  I think I know where I went wrong and I am determined to achieve success with my second attempt.  Like bacon, the crock pot is not the most efficient way to cook a cake from a box, but it does fill your immediate world with hours of delicious smells.  Smells of cake.  Mmm…cake.  I like cake.

I prepared the cake as directed by the box, and then dumped it into my big crock pot.  I think that was error number one: I should have reduced the water.  I’m not thinking of a reduction by a specific amount, just that next time after I measure out the proper amount, I’ll “whoops” a bit into the sink or a plant.  I might do the same with the oil, except not into a plant, to keep the proportions around right.  I use cruelty-free eggs (vegetarian, cage-free, antibiotic-free, free range, price not free) so I don’t think the failure was due to vengeance from some poultry god.

Looking and smelling great! (Boy would I be disappointed.)

In addition to smelling great while cooking, the batter also went through a phase of looking pretty sweet – like tie-dye cake.  The end result did not look like tie-dye, so my hopes for pretty cake were dashed along with my hopes for edible cake.

Above I mentioned that the cake wasn’t really edible.  Um, unfortunately this did not stop me from eating it anyway.  Sometimes I am just that sort.  While I cannot yet recommend crocking funfetti, I can recommend not eating it if you do and it looks like mine.  Yeah…don’t eat that.

In addition to reducing the liquids, next time I am going to vent the lid the whole time with two chopsticks.  Please stay tuned for future reports and avoid eating any poorly crocked cake.


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