Cherimoya Review

Cherimoya: I sort of ate this.

If it didn’t have a sticker and there hadn’t been a sign at my fancy-pants grocery store, I would not have been able to identify the fruit pictured above.  Perhaps you are more worldly than I am, but just in case: It’s a cherimoya and I am going to tell you somewhat about it.  It’s a fruit (originally) from down south – not south like Mississippi, but real south – throw an “America” after the south and you’re at the right continent.

The internet and my BFF think that the cherimoya is pretty much the best fruit ever.  If you read some of the reviews, you might think the gods of Olympus probably ate them in lieu of ambrosia for their birthdays or something.  (If the gods of Olympus celebrated their birthdays…I don’t recall D’Aulaires covering that detail.)  Despite its love for bacon, I generally don’t feel very confident about food recommendations on the internet.  However, the BFF is quite possibly the most, um, “selective” eater I know, so a positive review from her means a lot.  In this case, a lot was 6.99 plus tax, which is what a single cherimoya runs at the local fancy-pants market.

Something nice about a cherimoya is that it is really easy to cut into and separate from its peel.  Using a knife of quality was totally unnecessary.  Whatever though, I live to handwash things.  Something that is not nice about a cherimoya is its seeds, which are obnoxious and plentiful.  Seriously, it was more annoying than a pomegranate, and not just because I at least get to eat the pom seeds.  I did not want to deal with seeds, but I sure was – with pretty much every bite.

The internet is full of suggestions as to what one can do with the supposedly delectable flesh of a cherimoya.  You know what I did?  Some spitting.  I started off by spitting out the seeds.  I ate it alone, so relaxed my normally impeccable manners.  As I was eating it, I realized that I don’t particularly care for cherimoya.  I definitely caught the hints of banana and strawberry, but it they were too subtle to balance out the sweetness.  I mostly tasted something that resembled papaya, which is gross to me.  Too bad, because cherimoyas are full of Vitamin C.  Luckily for me, grapefruit is also full of Vitamin C and I like those.  I am safe from scurvy. 

More than the taste – which was not bad, but was rather just so-so and not really worth bothering with – the texture put me off a bit.  It was sort of like flan.  I’ll eat flan, even when it’s mediocre, if there isn’t a better option or I am being polite.  However, when I’m eating mediocre flan, I do not have to deal with spitting out seeds the size of my pinky toe – and definitely not spitting with every bite.  It was too much for my sensibilities.  I am the product of a very fine finishing school. 

Had my cherimoya not had so many seeds, I probably would have finished it.  Unfortunately, it did have ‘so many seeds’ and it just wasn’t worth it to me to deal with them to eat it.  I don’t regret that I bought and sort of ate a cherimoya.  I have all of these intentions to try new and different things and this was both.  Part of the problem might be rooted in the expectations I adopted from my friend and the internet.  I probably will not buy another cherimoya, but if I was somewhere where it was being served, eating it would not be odious and my consumption would not be limited to out of courtesy.  (Finishing school instructs on situations like that.)  There are just so many other things I enjoy so much more. 

Cherimoya: It's quite ripe...I think.


2 Responses to “Cherimoya Review”

  1. 1 B
    April 22, 2010 at 3:15 am

    Oh whoa, that cherimoya is waaaaaaaaayyyyy too ripe. And I don’t understand how you were eating it – like an apple? If I’m just eating the fruit straight up, I’ll scoop it out of the rind and de-seed it – the seeds aren’t hard to take out, and they’re so huge they are not stealth. I also tried a cherimoya-lime sorbet recipe I found online – nom.

    Next time you visit during cherimoya season, I will take advantage of your Farmer Lutheran and make you try some that isn’t overripe or seedy.

    • April 22, 2010 at 11:29 am

      Oh good. Because I did not like it at all and was trying to be positive in my review. My seeds were fairly attached to the fruit; maybe it was due to the (over)ripeness.

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