Monday: The First Frontier (of the week)

I am ridiculously tired today.  It wasn’t a challenge to come up with five good things, but it has been a challenge to not fall asleep while typing this…
1.) I did a huge purge of my clothes this weekend.  I got rid of a lot of stuff that I move (from residence to residence) more often than I wear.  You’ll see how fortuitous this was when you get to good thing number five.
2.) I bought some new towels!  They are soft and big and I now have more than one set that matches my bath mat and shower curtain.  I am so classy.
3.) Possibly TMI, but my boobs grew!  Seriously, a couple of my bras are currently not options and I’ve received (unsolicited) feedback on the knockers.
4.) One of my friends ran a half marathon over the weekend and blew TWENTY MINUTES off of her last half marathon.  That’s over a minute and a half per mile!  I think that’s pretty fantastic, sort of like her.  This motivates me to want to try running, because I view her as a normal, healthy, active, and well-balanced person – versus someone who lives only to run. 
5.) I volunteer and part of the required uniform is khaki pants.  The time is mostly spent outside, regardless of the weather conditions/elements present.  This is not so good for khaki pants.  Anyway!  Big sale at Gap and I score two pairs WITH APPROPRIATE WAIST AND INSEAM for 13.99 each!  As a bonus, since they are for a volunteer uniform, they are totally tax deductible! 

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