Chia Pet Ice Cream

Yesterday I ate – and enjoyed – some lime and chia seed sorbet.  I live down the street from this fantastic little ice cream joint, which I visit rather often.  It’s important to support local businesses.  I love going there and not just because I’m an aspiring fatty.  See, pretty much everything they make is totally delicious, the place is bright and clean, the employees are a less annoying version of Ned-Flanders friendly, and they have a great variety of constantly rotating sweet and savory flavors. The friendly staff is more than generous with the samples; some of them are almost like sample pushers – do I really want to order something I didn’t sample?  I really appreciate this as while I’m curious to taste the olive oil and black pepper ice cream, I probably don’t want a whole dish of it.  (That was my suspicion and then confirmed as truth.)

While pondering my options yesterday, I suspected that “lime chia” was going to be like olive oil and black pepper: something I wanted to try, but not order.  (I do always order something, just not always the flavors that I sample.  Some flavors are best suited for tasting-sized portions.)  Wonder of wonders though, I tried it and really liked it.  Prior to tasting it, I didn’t know I was eating unborn Chia Pet; it was only after my taste that the dude behind the counter told me, “That’s the SAME seeds as Chia Pet!”  For the record, they didn’t really taste like much of anything.  They added a little bit of texture – and apparently a TON of nutrition – to my sorbet.

Say what?  I then learned that chia seeds are actually fantastically nutritional.  I’m serious – I doubted it too, but a quick search on the Google confirmed this as fact and we all know they don’t allow false-facts on the interwebz.  Chia seeds are a good source of protein, fiber, Omega-3s, and antioxidants.  A superfood, according to the internet.  Additionally, I learned (from the internet, not the ice cream store) that chia seeds totally have a past.  Mayan and Aztec WARRIORS AND RUNNERS used to eat them, like, all the time.  The Aztecs also used chia seeds as legal tender to pay tributes and taxes and as part of their pagan worship.  The bastards from Spain were all like, “Oh, this is bad, you pagans.  No more chia seed superfood!”  Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, they pretty much spent their time being all smart with numbers, developing a calendar, building large structures, and eating chia seeds – instead of being slaves and contracting smallpox.  “Chia” is also the Mayan word for “strength.”  Seriously.  This discovery of the wonders of the chia seed is really worth an independent Google search, but at the bottom you’ll find some links that I thought were pretty worthwhile.  I can’t believe I that once wasted a whole packet of these by smearing them all over Scooby Doo’s terra cotta head.  For shame, for shame.





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