Five Good Things, the Fifteenth Incarnation

I’m pretty sure this is the fifteenth incarnation of this game.  Regardless of my count accuracy, it’s another Monday, so here’s another round of five good things.  As an aside, this week was a little trickier than most as I spent a good chunk of the weekend with a nasty headache, hiding in my bed, in the dark, and trying not to vomit.  I suppose it’s technically a good thing that said headache finally cleared up, particularly as headaches and toddlers are about as much fun as I imagine the rack with headache to have been.

1.) The wait is almost over: Betty White hosts SNL this coming Saturday!

2.) I am going to plant this week; I bought dirt (yes, apparently the stuff in my yard is full of lead so I bought a 40lb bag of dirt) and some starter herbs.  Yum.

3.) I got to catsit last weekend.  I’m particularly pleased about this as different friends totally snubbed me as a dogsitter option a couple of weeks ago.  Please, there’s a whole byline in my resume detailing my experience and expertise with wrassling and removing Objects That Ought Not Be Ingested.  Plus, puppy = toddler.  We covered this last week.

4.) I went on a brewery tour over the weekend and got to bring home a “free” gift!  By “free” I mean that they charged us for the tour, but they didn’t advertise the gift – we thought the charge was for the experience and beer at the end.

5.)  I have a new bacon recipe to try; Baconalia II is almost complete.  (I revamped the title, as I think the Roman numerals add a bit of class.)


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