Baconalia! Review: Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Duvel

Bacon-wrapped dates are delicious.  I was skeptical about them, and to be honest, I’m not sure I would have tried them if I had been sans liquid courage. Happily, I was “happy” and these made me sigh in a good way.  In fact, they were so amazing that I received an email last week asking for the recipe… Since I typed it up and am le tired, I’m totally going to recycle most of that email here.  Recycling is fantastic!   I might not be able to tell you exactly how to make these wunderbites, but I will tell you that you should eat them – and that’s coming from someone who generally is not a fan of dates.* 

How I Suspect I Made Bacon-Wrapped Dates:

1.) Got pretty toasted.

2.) Found a friend who was more toasted than I was – possibly even trashed.

3.) Lamented that we did not make dates earlier in the evening and realized that we needed more bacon.

4.) Decided that we must remedy the situation PRONTO and that it would be a splendid idea for us to use a gas oven and handle uncooked pork.

5.) Turned on said oven.  I usually roast things at 400-425F, so possibly somewhere around there.  Who really knows?  I turned it on and it got hot.

6.) Took out a broiler pan.  My slightly compulsive nature was key here, as I’d snuck into my kitchen during the party to finish up the dishes.  That meant that my broiler pan was clean, dry, and ready for an encore!

7.) Took a bunch of dried, pitted dates and rolled strips of bacon around each of them.  I might have cut the strips in half and I possibly secured each with a toothpick.  Again, I probably intended to do that, but may or may not have.

8.) Arranged the bacon-wrapped dates on the broiler pan.  They don’t want to touch each other.  I can’t imagine that I let the oven preheat.

9.) Checked them here and there.  I am pretty sure I checked them overly often, so as to continuously release heat from my oven and not actually maintain a constant temperature.

10.) At some arbitrary point of “that side looks pretty done/I want that side to be done” I rolled them over.  I am fairly certain that I used my fingers for this and that that was probably a poor choice on my part.

11.) Waited awhile longer. 

12.) Took them out to eat.  We sort of tried not to burn our faces, but that wasn’t a high priority.

These got paired with Duvel beer, because IT WAS RIGHT THERE.  I’m serious – it followed us into the kitchen and thus was clearly meant to be.  Well, it maybe followed us into the kitchen via the hands of a guest who wanted some delicious bacon-wrapped dates, but whatever – it worked and it worked well.  Sort of like it worked for him to distract me with a pour of the beer to yoink some delicious bacon-wrapped dates.  To quoth the Book of Genesis, “And it was good.”

We ate the dates hot, so the foamy-ness of the beer was welcome.  The notes of cloves and honey in the beer played nicely with the dates, and were subtle under the bacon.  It was just sweet enough, with enough crispness (apple) and spice to back up the sweetness.  I am not so into the cloyingly sweet beers.  The lightness of this beer (despite its 8.5% ABV) was great with the richness and sinfulness of the dates.  I would humor an argument for a rich beer with a rich fruit, but then reject it.  Such a combination would have been overpowering and the tastes would have battled and battered each other. This refined combination complemented each other.

*The fruit.


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