OCleanD Tips

My neighbor friends have really been clamoring for some more cleaning tips from yours truly and one of the last things I would want to do is disappoint them.  I think they want to know what I am examining and judging when I am at their place…Psst, guys!  I’m examining and judging the delicious food and our witty repartee.

1.) I like to Windex the hangy-downy polls for twisting blinds.  Mine are transparent.  I don’t know what their proper name is, but I do know that mine are really clean.

2.) Lightbulbs and their sockets deserve to be dusted.

3.) It just is not possible to get a floor completely clean if there is anything on it.  This might be the reason my roommate and I have different opinions regarding the presence of furniture and rugs…I can only move and stack so much.  I also prefer couches with enough clearance under then to clean.

4.) What do you mean some people don’t clean the tops and bottoms of their drainplugs?  Whaaaaaaat?

5.) Ceiling fans: the tops and sides of each blade.  Mr. Clean’s magic eraser makes easy work of the sides!

6.) One time I cleaned what I thought was a dirty shelf, but then it turned out it was painted and intended to be that color.  Here’s a secondary tip: Don’t select paint colors that look like dirty.  Admittedly, once I figured out it had been painted, I was pretty impressed with myself for being able to scrub it off completely…and then I wondered if this would impact my security deposit.

7.) If I can’t clean it, I tend not to buy it.  I make a VERY few exceptions for dry clean only items.  Of those very few exceptions, I wash most of them anyway.  I like to live on the edge.  Any appliance I ever purchase will have dishwasher safe knobs.

8.) It’s a good idea to always have a new shower curtain liner on hand.  You never know the moment when your current one will suddenly be too dirty and need to be replaced.  (It does pain me that the liners I buy are not recyclable.  I do try to repurpose them.)

9.) Between coupons and sales, it is silly to ever pay more than half-price for a pre-made cleaning product.  I am a pro at this, which is great considering the quantities I use.

10.) I do not remove pictures from the walls to clean the nails on which they hang.  I think that would be going too far, but not very much too far. I may, however, have used toothpicks to clean the outlines of outlets and pull dust from the innerds of seldom-used outlets.  What?  Wood’s an insulator.  This is a grand idea.


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