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Five Good Things

This week’s five good things comes to you remotely, from my vacation – woot!

1.) I am on vacation.  It is deserved and fantastic; I am enjoying every moment of it.

2.) Vacation Day!  For a fantastic federal holiday, yo.

3.) My bags not only are also on vacation – with me – but contain everything I meant for them to contain.   So far, I’ve done a perfect job of packing; signs point to me neither under nor over packing.  I am amazing.

4.) My neighbor-friend, KTB, and I went to the fancy-pants gym last week.  We made a deal and are both going to join it in the fall.  We constructed this deal after a longish lounge in the steam room, with its soothing eucalyptus aroma.

5.) My evenings this week are not overscheduled.  I do not fear a return to the tundra.  (Which isn’t so tundra-like anymore…)


Airport Cookies

Last night I not only got “ma’am’ed,” but I also got “mama bear’ed”- which was a new one for me.  I’m pretty sure I don’t look my age, but the ma’am thing is always hard to stomach – even though it was from a solider with a Southern accent, so probably second nature. I just don’t think of myself as the ma’am sort, not even when all of my hair is silver and I am officially a biddy.  (I am confident that at come point in my life I will be a biddy.)

I’m taking a little vacation right now and made cookies for the friend with whom I’m staying.  I make pretty great cookies; it’s one of my more likable and practical skills.  Anyway, when I saw the bedlam at check-in, I became a little “concerned” about the potential for lost luggage.  While I can manage without a lot of things, I’m don’t want my buddy to have to manage without some delicious, homemade cookies.  Ergo, I took the big ol’ Ziploc out of my to-be-checked (lost?) bag and shoved it into my carry-on.  Potential problem averted.  I’m all about proactive action.

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Grocery Shopping With the Boo

Boo and I spend a lot of time rhyming these days.  We aspire toward using up with legitimate words when we rhyme, but there’s some flexibility – the kid is two.  We go grocery shopping for his family at least once, usually twice, per week.  One such occasion was this afternoon, after his nap.  While grocery shopping, we play a lot of “I spy” and he “helps” me with our list – picking things, counting out a specific quantity, “reminding” me what color things (e.g. spinach) are, etc.  I talk a lot (no, really!) so between the two of us, there’s pretty much constant dialogue.  Today, I was looking through the chicken and Boo spontaneously bust out with, “NANNY!*   MEAT.  NEAT.  Meat, neat, meat, neat.  Neat.  Meat.  Meat is neat. Meat, neat.  Neat, meat…”  It went on, as did my laughter.

Sometimes I secretly wonder if he’s more “my” kid than my future offspring will be.

*Except he used my actual name.


Baconalia! Review: Ethical Bacon and New Belgium Mothership Wit

Ethical Bacon with New Belgium's Mothership Wit

I am selectively ethical in my food consumption.  There are certain products I really dislike and actively avoid buying conventional (milk, eggs, coffee), others I selectively buy “better” (usually based on price and availability), and others for which there is no acceptable-to-me organic/ethical option (Hello, Bottlecaps and Diet Coke!).  My main reluctances to shifting all of my shopping revolve around taste and price, with the former being most important to me.  I really like my food to taste good and really dislike spending money on food that is gross to me.

My early experiences with “ethical” bacon left me quite dissatisfied.  The lack of flavor, insufficient salt, funky texture, and funny aftertaste all reminded me that I tried something different and that different was emphatically NOT good.  I was a little skeptical that I would enjoy it this go-around, but in case of socially-responsible guests (and I had a few potentials) I decided that ethical bacon should at least make a token appearance.  I’m glad it did.

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Five Good Things

Another Monday, another five good things.  This week’s edition was not a challenge to compile.
1.) I had a bunch of people over on Saturday and they did a great job of recycling.  I made my expectations very clear and people lived up to them.  (The company and consumables were also top notch.)
2.) It’s a 3.5 work week for me.  Not only that, but I have fun plans for the long weekend!
3.) One of my friends had a baby last week; both she and the little guy are doing well.  I *might* get to visit with them on said vacation.
4.) My niece got engaged.  I’m  hoping for a bonus good thing, where the pressure to produce babies for the family will shift away from me and to her.  Her dude is a great guy, so this is kind of a three-in-one good thing.
5.) I’ve been sleeping with my five (5!) bedroom windows open, enjoying the amazing crossbreeze.

Bottlecaps Candy “Care” Packages

As referenced here and here, I recently made some packages for a couple of my friends.  The nearly identical packages took me MONTHS to complete.  It required over 100 (beer) bottlecaps, which you know, is a lot of beer – roughly a cap for every pound that I weigh.  I saved my bottlecaps and also collected them at some parties, as though they were favors.  One of my hosts even gave me a Ziploc to bring them home in, as I was wearing a dress which lacked pockets.    

A couple of my friends and I are big fans of Bottlecaps candy, mostly because it is delicious.  Here is what they received:  

Finished Products


 Here is the process of their creation:  

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Pony Express Update

Awhile back I sent some packages to friends.  Two of them received identical packages, which I created and thought were HILARIOUS.  Another package went downtown and a fourth about 411 miles northwest.  I posted all firstclass, at the same time, and from the same location.  The results are in:

1.) Three days to go 411 miles northwest.  (private residence)

2.) Four days to traverse 1166 southwest.  (standard apartment building, caters to graduate students)

3.) Seven days to travel…across town.  (condo in a luxury building)

4.) Eight days to travel 983 miles east.  (PO Box, for a business)

Mail is fun yes, but these results make no sense.

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