Five Things That I Qualify as Good

The tradition of five good things is getting a lot easier as the sun rises earlier, stays up longer, and does a much better job of warming up my little tundra world.  Things at work are simmering as well, and while I enjoy my job…it’s nice to spend a little less time at it.  I’ve also noticed a change in my thinking: particularly on Mondays, when something nice happens I think, “Oooh!  A good thing!  Four more.”  So, this has evolved well beyond its roots of a brunch game.

1.) Some of my friends had snow over the weekend, but I DID NOT!  Yay for my tundra not showing off.
2.) I paid under $3/gallon for gas.  (Given how much I’ve been driving lately, this actually adds up.)
3.) I tried multiple new things at a new sushi place and I liked them all!  Also, none of it made me sick. 
4.) The communal entry of my building is much cleaner than it was 48 hours ago.  Now, granted this is because I cleaned it (really just vacuumed and dusted, with a little Windexing) but whatever – it’s way nicer to walk into and I like my neighbors.
5.) I’m all set with my final exams, final projects, and final papers!  You know, because I don’t have any.


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