5 “GT”

That’s how “good things” shows up on my to-do list every Monday.  I love to-do lists; crossing things off is so satisfying.  Here is this week’s list of five good things:

1.) I participate in a sports league for “grown-ups” and we made the playoffs.  Not only that, but we won our first playoff game tonight, thus advancing to the quarterfinals.

2.) My standard bacon is on sale this week: buy one get one free.

3.) My favorite farmers’ market is back for the season.  I bought some delicious cheese, asparagus, and basil (in a whole plant) from it.

4.) I am having a brie and bacon burger for dinner later this week.  With fries.

5.) I get to puppysit in June!  Puppypuppypuppypuppypuppy!  My parents did not love me enough to get me a dog when I was growing up*…or my mom did not want to deal with a dog in ultra tundra conditions, while everyone else was out of the house at work or school.

Wow, do I come across as a fatty in this one.  Oops.  Um…

6.) There is lots of good biking weather this week.  Ha.  But seriously, there is.

*Kidding!  My ‘rents love me lots, so much that we can joke about things like the absence of our family dog – not that Fred and Ted Goldfish weren’t great.


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