Bottlecaps Candy “Care” Packages

As referenced here and here, I recently made some packages for a couple of my friends.  The nearly identical packages took me MONTHS to complete.  It required over 100 (beer) bottlecaps, which you know, is a lot of beer – roughly a cap for every pound that I weigh.  I saved my bottlecaps and also collected them at some parties, as though they were favors.  One of my hosts even gave me a Ziploc to bring them home in, as I was wearing a dress which lacked pockets.    

A couple of my friends and I are big fans of Bottlecaps candy, mostly because it is delicious.  Here is what they received:  

Finished Products


 Here is the process of their creation:  



Bottlecaps Candy


I started with full boxes of candy, so you know, just had to eat of the candy.   


Bottlecaps! A lot of work went into this collection


Once I emptied the boxes of their delicious candy, it was time to fill them – except with a different sort of bottlecaps.  


So pretty!  

I wanted each friend to receive a nice variety of caps.  I hope they make crafts, maybe windchimes!  

4.) Gluing the box shut  

I then hot glued the boxes shut.  While the seal wasn’t as good as a factory seal, it still looked pretty good and the opposing ends were still factory sealed.  Given that the boxes clinked like a drunkard, I didn’t think it was the gluing that would tip my friends off as to the contents (bottlecaps, ha!) of their boxes of Bottlecaps.  

Just in case my friends did think they’d received candy, I also tossed in a single-serve Nutella into each, along with a single-serve coffee packet (for the coffee drinker) and single-serve “Crystal Light” packet (for the non-coffee drinker).  I didn’t want them to be sad about receiving my trash instead of a delicious treat.  

Mail is fun.  Bottlecaps are not recyclable.


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