Puppies and Toddlers Part Two

Wow, there are so many, many more ways that puppies resemble toddlers.  I’m able to share them now, as the pupster is napping.  I’d say that’s also like toddlers, except I don’t blog at work as I think that would be kind of tacky. 

Ideas such as ‘fieldtrip to the farmers’ market’ are better in concept than in reality.  Having everyone walk their on their own (two or four) legs is just not a good idea if you actually want to get there.

The length of time required to walk anywhere increases exponentially if everyone is required to walk.  Every rock, stick, and hole is fascinating and must be examined by at least three senses.

A destination specific walk over one mile away will probably be aborted.

The washing machine is SCARY.  Just like the dishwasher and the blender and the vacuum.

There is no understanding as to why I could possibly want to “powder my nose” sans company.

Sometimes puppies and toddlers need to be hosed off in the backyard before you can bring them inside.

They might not love being hosed off, but stay strong.  (And have a towel handy, so they don’t get cold.)

Big adventures yield big naps.  Big naps for EVERYONE.

Everything is his business

When you ask people to leave your puppy or toddler alone, they don’t listen. They ESPECIALLY don’t listen when you are trying to discipline or simmer said pup or tot.

Both randomly respond to Spanish when English doesn’t work.  There is an inherent knowledge of “ven, por favor.”

Sometimes you need to lay down with the puppy or toddler to hasten simmering and sleeping.

Covered in one’s own filth?  Whatev.  I am always the most bothered by this.

If I am eating something, there is an expectation/hope that I will share it.

Whining from any species annoys me.

Everywhere we go, we make new friends.


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