Puppy Plans Recap


1.) Follow the schedule his “mom” emailed me.  (Toddler Appropriate)   We did this, with minor (yet reasonable) adaptations – mostly to accommodate me.

2.) Bake dog biscuits; he gets to watch and taste.  (Adaptable.)  Check.  He seemed to like them.  This project took a LOT longer than baking with kids.  Pup got sick of watching, but not of tasting.

3.) Snuzzle (Toddler Appropriate.)  Oh boy.  So. Much.  Snuzzling.

4.) Watch Fraggle Rock (Toddler Appropriate.)  We actually watched soccer and the food network mostly.  Those are also toddler apropos though.

5.) His “mom” roots for the arch rival team of his “dad” and my hearts.  Pup-pup’s going to wear a hat/visor.  There will be pictures.  (POTENTIALLY Toddler Appropriate.)  HA!  Pup-pup wore a hat AND a visor, but not at the same time.  That would have been silly.

6.) Have a playdate, with one of MY friends…who happens to have a new puppy. (Adaptable)  And just like a toddler playdate, we had a playdate fail due to biting.  Thus, the dogs were separated and the humans enjoyed snacks and mimosas.  (If only THAT was a toddler appropriate response.)

7.) Share dog biscuits baked in #2 with puppy in #6.  (Adaptable, void if biscuits don’t turn out well.)  He might not have liked our teething-company, but he liked our treats.

8.) If Pupster listens to me and is generally controllable, we’ll go to the lake!  (Toddler Appropriate.)  Oh, we so did this.

9.) Walk.  A lot.  (Toddler appropriate.)  We walked until we hit the point of puppy walk fail.  Multiple times.  (And then we walked home.)

10.) Eat bacon.  (Toddler appropriate.)  Duh.  Beef bacon, to shake it up.

11.) Nap.  (Toddler appropriate.)  We are the champions, my friends…

12.) Walk down the street to get ice cream for me. Pup is only four months old, so too young to partake.  (Appropriate/Adaptable.)  We did not do this.  I had other treats and did not want to leave Pup outside. (Leaving toddlers outside would also be a poor choice.)

13.) Play outside A LOT when the weather is nice, play inside (wrassle?) when it does not cooperate. (Toddler Appropriate.)  Done to extreme.  We even (unintentionally) played outside when the weather was not nice.

14.) Be on leash when not in my house/yard.  (Adaptable.)  Oh, yes.  We even had some time on-lease in the house/yard, during the “play'”date.

15.) Litter my facebook page with updates and a huge influx of pictures – probably an album. (Toddler Appropriate.)  Started.  Mega update forthcoming, as soon as I figure out what is reasonable.


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