Product Recalls, Part Two

These FIREWORKS can cause BURNS


Monitoring product recalls is one of my responsibilities at work.  While the kind folks at CPSC reach out to me via email on a daily basis, I skim and ignore the majority of their tips.  Nanny appreciates the nanny state, thanks, but since the clock with lead paint under its dome is eight feet from the floor – and, um, the lead is encased in a dome – isn’t exactly a matter of concern for us.  If the lead-painted numbers did become accessible to the Boo, I’d likely be more concerned about the broken glass from the dome.

Since I previously griped about the redundancy of recalls, instead of repeating myself, I’ll just link to myself: BOOM.  Today’s email featured a warning akin to the machete-laceration issue I previously took, um, issue with.  Are you ready?  Sitting down, preferably in a padded room with a separate oxygen source and lots of safe food, to keep your nearest and dearest and self safe?  All right.  Here goes: fireworks can cause burns.  I figured that one out before I hit kindygarten and it sure didn’t take a government agency.  It took a sparkler.

Safety is no accident!


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