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Today’s word is septuagenarian, because today my dad became one.  Happy 70th Birthday Mein Vater!


Shameless Plug

Like most people, I have friends whose writings are enjoyable to read.  One of them, Sliced Bread, is (back) in the blogosphere and I’m pretty pumped up about it.   She’s a total foodie, by both hobby and profession.  I highly recommend checking out her blog if you are ever hungry and/or bored.  Check out her blog by clicking on her handle above or on my blogroll in the sidebar.


Five Good Things FROM VACATION!

I’m on vacation!  Such a good thing.  Here are five more good things, mostly related to that fact:

1.) Home is no longer on dial-up internet.  The folks might not have wireless (yet) but they’re finally running on all cylinders.

2.) Constant deliciousness.  My inner hobbit is actually sated.

3.) No streetlights.  Nights are calm, quiet, and DARK.

4.) I didn’t set an alarm this morning; the world managed just fine until I decided to get up.

5.) I’ve been visiting with lots of family and friends.  Everyone is in good health and good spirits.


In Foods I CAN Trust

I conducted my experiment and the results are in. 

Food As Far as I Can Gently and Consistently Throw It, Due to Space Considerations

I conducted the Trust Toss Test in my backyard, using the brick edging to ensure I planted my feet in the same spot every single time.  I determined twice my height (which isn’t really that much) to be the trust boundary, for no logical reason.  Honestly, I just needed a cut-off, but as I love food, I did not want to set the bar too high.  I figure if I run into troubles I can reevaluate my (low) standards.  I marked off my height (One Me and Two Mes) with empty flowerpots.  They are empty because I killed the plants, whoops. The pot with the polka dots is The Trust Line.

Throws were done with my right hand, by drawing it across my body, with a slight hip pivot, and releasing around 150 degrees with my arm fully extended.  No additional force, as “weak” is easy to keep constant.   I am VERY into fair play, except for the exceptions – and in those instances, I am usually making a statement and am open about the whole thing being pretty bogus.

In order of trustworthiness, here are the results:

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In Food I (Don’t) Trust

I am a big fan of food and food let me down.  It poisoned me.  Yep, I recently suffered a bout of food poisoning and it blew chunks.  (Literally.)   It also dashed my confidence in the safety of food.  Since my previous standards failed me and I never want to go through that horror again, I am considering embracing a more objective method for food selection.  Going forward, I am going to trust food as far as I can throw it and avoid eating food that is less than 2x my length trustworthy.  To keep things objective, I vow to maintain consistency in my throw angle, arm extension, direction of throw, and force of throw.  I promise not to fling the Toblerone and then intentionally whiff the Roquefort.  I pretty much always have a jar of peanut butter on hand, so that will be my control food.  If it proves itself as trustworthy, I expect I will continue to have it on hand.

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Thanks for the Clarification

I went through some pictures from last winter the other day.   Sometimes I take fantastic pictures displaying important messages.

What if a pack of bears charge the pulpit?


Five Good Things About the Suburbs

Sometimes I’m a bit rough on the suburbs and their (further) outlying areas.  The surburbs and rural regions do have their charm though…

1.) There’s no temptation to run out for a late-night snack if there’s nowhere open to acquire one.

2.) In a true neighborly fashion, lots of people leave their wireless unlocked.

3.) Your neighbors are far enough away, that there’s minimal risk of looking out one’s window (e.g. to check the weather) and having one’s eyes assaulted by an unfortunate visual.

4.) Ample parking.  Wide spaces.

5.) Reduced waits for popular books at the library.

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