I made the snout!


Piñatas make parties better. That’s a lesson I learned when I was a kid (last summer).  The idea of being encouraged to hit something you can’t see, to yield a reward of raining candy is pretty much just a recipe for awesome.  I began the great journey of bringing piñatas to my current stage of life (kid at heart) after my first Baconalia! party, when the make-and-take craft option proved to be a hit.  I was a bit uncertain about the potential of a bacon-shaped piñata, but a pig one seemed appropriate – and easier to find, if I wanted to buy (versus make) this wonder.  When I coined the term “piggyata,” the potential for wordplay the presence of a pig piñata became a sure thing. 


Sadly, it became a “sure thing” in my head before I even started looking into it – much less working on it – in reality.  I staunchly believe that I am capable of making a piggyata from scratch; it would involve: balloons, papier mache, googly eyes, a dixie cup, paint, and pipe cleaner.  Sadly again, ability does not produce free time, so THAT idea got filed under “N” for “not in this reality.”  Whatever though, when free time is low, income is high, so I could BUY the darn thing and fill it at my whimsy.   Much tidier too, and we know how I am about cleanliness and tidiness.  (A Freakish Zealot.) 

Buying the piggyata was a great idea, except for the pesky detail that nobody in the tundra actually sells pig piñatas.  (They also do not sell bacon piñatas.  They carry things like soccer ball piñatas and asymmetrical 2-D tiara piñatas.)  Eventually, I found a bull piñata; I could make a bull piñata work.   I bought the bull and some junk – I mean, some treasures – to fill its inner void.  NB the italics on “treasures” there.  It’s facetious. 

Not a pig.

 Luckily for me, I’m a big fan of projects, so stock a fair amount of arts and crap supplies at my digs.  I constructed a snout out of foam and a tail from a pipe cleaner.  Since my hot glue gun was out for this project, I decided my pig needed googly eyes as well.  Boom.  Done.  I pigged that bull up. 

That's some pig!

With the exception of fruity tootsie rolls and Pop Rocks, which I just like, the rest of the “treasures” were related to pigs and/or bacon.  A chew toy for a dog (multiple guests have them), Slim Jims (don’t overthink them if you plan to eat them), mini Twix with (unused) bacon bandages, red-and-white-streaky bouncy balls, homemade beaded souvenir bracelets, a store-bought WWJDesque bacon bracelet, pig bubble tape, bling…treasure trove. 

some treasures!

Unlike olden days, I now have a security deposit to consider…so we started with a Swiffer handle for beating and a pashmina for blindfolding.   After about five people FAILED at anything other than bonking off its snout, we debated between getting out a hammer (I don’t own a bat) or just ripping it apart like savages.  We opted for the latter choice and it was just as magical as when someone’s dad took pity on us and brought the forecast of treasure showers to fruition.

This was his first time whacking a pinata!


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