Five Good Things on the Fifth

Happy Fourth of July (Observed)! 
1.) I’m writing these from my backyard.  At 1pm.  It’s sunny and warm with a perfect breeze.
2.) I enjoyed – and am still enjoying! – a great weekend, filled with friends and fun.
3.) I harvested some basil over the weekend and made a fantastic tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad.  While it’s true I find it hard for such a salad not to be great, it’s even better when all of its components are delightfully fresh.
4.) One of my friends got some FREE (and fantastic) tickets to a baseball game and brought be along.
5.) I grew up in a family where most tasks were divided along gender lines.  Grilling was always a “man” job.  In adulthood, even when the host, I’ve always managed to delegate the actual cooking part of the grilling to someone else – male or female.  (Note: I do prepare the grilling food AND am rather awesome at that.)  This weekend I SUCCESSFULLY RAN THE GRILL!  Food neither overcooked nor undercooked, buns toasted all classy, and the only thing that caught on fire was some corn – which was no big deal and is kind of to be expected.

1 Response to “Five Good Things on the Fifth”

  1. July 5, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    I love the salad making..fresh herbs are my new guilty pleasure this summer. Thank God for farmer’s markets. I love them.
    I give you LOADS of credit for manning the grill by yourself. It’s a huge job and usually a warm job in the heat of the day/ early evening.Kudos to you!
    My husband is our grill machine, but lately I’ve been doing it. Seems when you aren’t checking your blackberry 20 times while grilling, it takes 1/2 the time.. go figure!

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