In Foods I CAN Trust

I conducted my experiment and the results are in. 

Food As Far as I Can Gently and Consistently Throw It, Due to Space Considerations

I conducted the Trust Toss Test in my backyard, using the brick edging to ensure I planted my feet in the same spot every single time.  I determined twice my height (which isn’t really that much) to be the trust boundary, for no logical reason.  Honestly, I just needed a cut-off, but as I love food, I did not want to set the bar too high.  I figure if I run into troubles I can reevaluate my (low) standards.  I marked off my height (One Me and Two Mes) with empty flowerpots.  They are empty because I killed the plants, whoops. The pot with the polka dots is The Trust Line.

Throws were done with my right hand, by drawing it across my body, with a slight hip pivot, and releasing around 150 degrees with my arm fully extended.  No additional force, as “weak” is easy to keep constant.   I am VERY into fair play, except for the exceptions – and in those instances, I am usually making a statement and am open about the whole thing being pretty bogus.

In order of trustworthiness, here are the results:

Mushrooms – This is the only item that flat-out failed my test.  It barely made it one times my height.  The fact that it is not visible in my pictures makes me think it is also sneaky and planning a stealthy attack.  I did not eat this fungus; I threw it away.

Rice – Rice passed my test, albeit barely.  I’ve had some pretty good experiences with rice, so I am wondering if maybe it was just the variety of rice I selected and the fact that it was probably (definitely) kind of old…and I am not the “rice in the fridge” sort, although that is apparently uber wrong of me.  I recently read The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and based on the whole “rice farmers” thing he talks about, maybe it is just that I am not really worthy to eat rice.  It is a huge effort to cultivate rice, such an exacting grain.  My agricultural cultural background is more the “fallow fields are necessary at times” sort.

Girl Scout Cookies – Trustworthy!  Whew, and slightly more so than rice.  I felt additional relief at this as I sold a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies when I was but a wee thing and I would totally feel guilty if I’d sold a shoddy product – predominately to neighbors, family, and friends.

Beef – The advertisements do not lie: It’s what’s for dinner.  Well, it’s what’s for dinner if you want something trustworthy and meaty.  Beef really broke away from the cookies-rice cluster.

Peanut Butter – I was a little curious how the spread would do, as there is that whole nut allergy thing.  However, I am NOT allergic to nuts.  Phew.  Additionally, they are safe – and delicious when covered in chocolate!

Avocado – This is a real stand-up food.  It went the farthest by far, and the force of ground impact did not cause me to be unable to eat it.  So, as a bonus, I made some “safe” guac.  It journeyed around three times my height.  That is FAR.

Close-Up of Trust


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