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Five Good Things

1.) I got a coupon organizer!  I’ve secretly been wanting one and now I have one.   It’s totally a butterfly print.

2.) I’m going to visit old friends, for new fun, this weekend.

3.) Oktoberfest beers are starting to come out.  These are my favorite seasonals. 

4.) I am organizing a fundraiser for a group I am a part of.  The fundraiser has actual utility and the early feed back is that targeted parties are interested.

5.) My pear trees are crumbling under its own weight.   Anyone have a good pear recipe…or six?


Easy Questions

The tundra has become an inferno; I am not a fan.   A fan doesn’t even provide relief.  These days, I spend most of my time eating freezee pops and pressed up against the largest vent – living room – praising whoever the genius was who invented central air conditioning.*  I KNOW that the Romans and Chinese created their own “cooling systems of magnificence” but I am a modern gal and all about modern a/c.  I am all NOT about sweating, unless it is part of some sort athletic glory.

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Five Good Things

1.)  There are a large number of “great books” that my dad and I have both neglected.  We are going to be our own sort of book club and read them.

2.)  I disagreed with a LEGITIMATE ROWER about oarlocks.  Nobody ever gives me an oarlock and she gets one (if not two!) alllllll the time.  You know what though?  I was right.  I love being right.

3.)  Due to a food allergy, I can’t eat granola bars.  That fact is a constant source of sadness for me, as my lifestyle pretty much requires quick, frequent refuels.  But!  Nature Valley now makes a nut and seed bar – which I CAN eat!  I am excited to return to the world of pre-packaged, cheap-o bars.  These are even tasty.

4.) My subscription to the Sunday paper started last weekend.  I feel a little bit guilty about the amount of paper in a paper, but I’m working on getting over it.  Honestly, I repurpose a lot of it and recycle what I don’t. Anyway!  The comics, crossword, and coupons all satisfied me.

5.) I am having an adventure-fun day on Thursday! Depending on the weather and whom I can wrangle, it will probably be ice skating, a museum, or mini-golf.  Basically, it will be super fun.


Crockpot Funfetti…Take Two

I am pretty much incapable of turning down a personal challenge.  I am completely incapable of shying away from a personal challenge that I KNOW I CAN WIN. This is one of those.  The other night (Thursday) I invited two of my friends, Brooke and Ben over for dinner.  The plan was to grill, a chore which I pretty much immediately thrust upon Ben.  It isn’t that I don’t know how to grill, rather it was that I was feeling particularly lazy and it was muggy and buggy outside.  By “delegating” the role of grillmaster, I enabled myself to sit far from the hot grill and close to the citronella candle. 

While burning our food, Ben told me he didn’t think it was possible – for me or anyone – to make a Funfetti™ cake in a crockpot.  Um, hello.  CROCKPOTS CAN DO ANYTHING!!!  (Except maybe ice cream.)  Despite the fact that Benners burned the beejeebees out of dinner, I still felt obligated to respond to his challenge.  (Face-saving aside: Ben usually does an excellent job.  This is the sole miss I know of in his culinary life and his mixology record remains spotless.)

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Book Review: The Nanny Diaries

“Book Review” is probably a generous description, as this is less review and more rant.  It’s not my fault that it’s a poorly-written book.  It is my fault that I read most of it.

I’m a nanny and I like to read.  As such, some people assume I like to read (crappy) books like The Nanny Diaries. Ugh, no.  I tend to read about things like Tudor history, biological weapons, and contemporary politics.  The last three books that I’ve chosen for myself are: Clinton’s Secret Wars: The Evolution of a Commander-in-Chief by Richard T. Sale; Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, and Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World by Adrienne Mayor; and The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl by Ree Drummond.  The first my dad recommended to me, the second I found via a search (because I am a huge dork), and the third is because I like her website/food.  I’m not opposed to fiction or books about the ins-and-outs of the nanny world; I’m opposed to books that annoy me.

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Baconalia Review: Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots with Cheese Dipping Sauce and Coors Light

Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots with Coors Light

Baconalia inherently is a heart attack risk increaser.  However, I raised the bar – and my cholesterol – with this offering: bacon-wrapped tater tots with cheese dipping sauce.  Some things are worth the risk; these own that category.  When I first heard of the idea, I knew it was likely to be a BIG winner. 

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Five Good Things

I’ve been traveling a lot, albeit not to any super exciting or thrilling destination – e.g. I just got back from New Jersey.  Thankfully, good things happen all over. Here are five:

1.) I raced all last weekend. My team did really well and we won loads, which always makes things more enjoyable.

2.) I’m on staycation this week.  My plans are heavily in the “stay” and less in the “cation” but I’m okay with that.

3.) I have a new favorite blueberry muffin recipe that I barely change.  I would share how I change it, but I’m not consistent with my changes.

4.) Although I still have central air, I do not need to run it at present. I also have heat and do not need to run that either.

5.) Garden is doing amazingly, and due to staycation, I have time to harvest and try new recipes.

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