Five Good Things

I am all about the five good things game.  In fact, I am so much about it that I started a second blog , that is entirely five good things – except about things…and people…and places…and activities…and so on.  It’s a good thing.  I’m going to remain true to my roots though, as I am that sort. 

1.) Tonight I had a friend over for dinner.  I had big plans to make delicious kebabs and had a recipe all picked out for the marinade.  I had big plans to actually follow it and everything.  This went smoothly until I discovered I actually don’t have cardamom and started improvising and stopped measuring.    Holy smokes though, did I improvise something delicious!  

2.) This is my last five-day work week for at least a month!

3.) Two of my friends are getting married!   They just decided this and I think it’s a fantastic decision.

4.) The friends above in #3 are totally the sort who will have the best cake ever at their wedding reception.

5.) I have a date!  I am actually a little uncertain about aspects of it, but it already has a neat story attached to it, so at least there is that.  Also, based on some web-based stalking, I am pretty sure the guy is not an axe murderer.


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