Baconalia! Review: Dry-Rubbed Black Pepper Bacon with Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

On the Left: Dry-Rubbed Pepper Bacon with Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

I’ve been slacking with the Baconalia! reviews.  The last time I managed one, I pretty much just grumped about my distaste for pepper beer. (It’s gross.  Therefore, I DIS its TASTE.)   While I may not – and I do not – care for pepper in my beer, I am a big fan of it on my bacon.

I played with my pepper cracker and bacon when I made the maple-basted bacon with freshly cracked black pepper.  The general consensus among my self and my guests was that the bacon with pepper and maple totally trumped this one, but this one, this dry-rubbed natural black pepper coated bacon has its own trump card: it’s prepackaged and ready to cook or fry.  It’s hands off, until you need your hands to eat it.  That’s how I like my meat: easy.

In addition to being easy, this bacon was also delicious.  The pepper flavor definitely was present, but it was not overpowering.  Being from and of the tundra, I can only handle a bitsy amount of kick; this bacon did not cause me fear of exceeding my kick quota.  Beyond that, Wellshire Farms makes quality products and this bacon conformed to their exacting standards.

I paired this with a beer I got in a break-up.  The beer is absolutely fantastic and no so easy to come by.  Given how I acquired the bottle (“his” friend) I felt obligated to save it for something special.  Baconalia! seemed perfect, particularly as we broke up a couple of years ago and I was pretty sick of moving this bottle of beer.  Drinking is a better verb for beer than moving ever will be. 

Sam Adams Chocolate Bock is a delicious and easy-drinking beer.  The chocolate is prominent without overwhelming.  All told, it’s a very warm, malty, smooth beer – a nice compliment to the bite of the black pepper.  This pairing, of individually solid components, complimented each other well.


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