Crockpot Funfetti…Take Two

I am pretty much incapable of turning down a personal challenge.  I am completely incapable of shying away from a personal challenge that I KNOW I CAN WIN. This is one of those.  The other night (Thursday) I invited two of my friends, Brooke and Ben over for dinner.  The plan was to grill, a chore which I pretty much immediately thrust upon Ben.  It isn’t that I don’t know how to grill, rather it was that I was feeling particularly lazy and it was muggy and buggy outside.  By “delegating” the role of grillmaster, I enabled myself to sit far from the hot grill and close to the citronella candle. 

While burning our food, Ben told me he didn’t think it was possible – for me or anyone – to make a Funfetti™ cake in a crockpot.  Um, hello.  CROCKPOTS CAN DO ANYTHING!!!  (Except maybe ice cream.)  Despite the fact that Benners burned the beejeebees out of dinner, I still felt obligated to respond to his challenge.  (Face-saving aside: Ben usually does an excellent job.  This is the sole miss I know of in his culinary life and his mixology record remains spotless.)

I spent Friday at a working interview, for a job which I will probably not get, as I spent a lot of time dwelling on this conundrum: How can I successfully crock a Funfetti™ cake and when will I have the time to do so?  The answer to the latter part was simple: I’ll have the time when I make the time.  That time is happening today, which works well, as I need to bang out a bunch of thank you notes and organize my coupons.  While crocking is traditionally a “fix and forget” method of food preparation, I want to be nearish and attentive-ish to this one, for pictures and as I am sure how long to forget it for.  I abhor losing.

I rummaged through my pantry and it turned out that I (gasp!) did not have a box of Funfetti™ mix.  I did have two mixes for white cake, one of which was Pillsbury, the same brand that produces Funfetti™.  I didn’t want to be accused of cheating, but I am also poor and TRYING to be fiscally responsible (FR), so I emailed Team B and asked if it would be acceptable to substitute a white cake mix of the same brand, with my own sprinkles.  Ben said yes; Brooke said no.  In an effort to break the deadlock, I explained that I do not have a coupon for Funfetti™ and the cost of a box is roughly equivalent to two bottles of Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer.  (Pricing based on my local grocery store.)  Apparently “I’m poor/cheap” is not a very compelling argument, so we had to involve additional parties…which basically led to the conclusion that this is going to be a two-part experiment: one traditional Funfetti™ and the other with a Phunphetti substitute.  (Vote now as to whether I should use princess-y or dinosaur sprinkles OR go totally bonkers and use both.)  I was somewhat FR in that I walked to a cheap-o grocery store and didn’t buy ANYTHING but the Funfetti™ mix.  I wanted to buy other things, some of which were even super healthy (e.g. peaches), but nope.  I was FR and deprived myself.

I got home with my mix and started the six-hour process, the recording of which has left me plum exhausted.  Results to follow, as I am le tired.  Blogs can have cliffhangers.


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