Five Good Things

1.)  There are a large number of “great books” that my dad and I have both neglected.  We are going to be our own sort of book club and read them.

2.)  I disagreed with a LEGITIMATE ROWER about oarlocks.  Nobody ever gives me an oarlock and she gets one (if not two!) alllllll the time.  You know what though?  I was right.  I love being right.

3.)  Due to a food allergy, I can’t eat granola bars.  That fact is a constant source of sadness for me, as my lifestyle pretty much requires quick, frequent refuels.  But!  Nature Valley now makes a nut and seed bar – which I CAN eat!  I am excited to return to the world of pre-packaged, cheap-o bars.  These are even tasty.

4.) My subscription to the Sunday paper started last weekend.  I feel a little bit guilty about the amount of paper in a paper, but I’m working on getting over it.  Honestly, I repurpose a lot of it and recycle what I don’t. Anyway!  The comics, crossword, and coupons all satisfied me.

5.) I am having an adventure-fun day on Thursday! Depending on the weather and whom I can wrangle, it will probably be ice skating, a museum, or mini-golf.  Basically, it will be super fun.


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