Easy Questions

The tundra has become an inferno; I am not a fan.   A fan doesn’t even provide relief.  These days, I spend most of my time eating freezee pops and pressed up against the largest vent – living room – praising whoever the genius was who invented central air conditioning.*  I KNOW that the Romans and Chinese created their own “cooling systems of magnificence” but I am a modern gal and all about modern a/c.  I am all NOT about sweating, unless it is part of some sort athletic glory.

Right-o.  So, when limited to a small space near a cooling vent and awayfrom direct sun, one is either a vampire or likely to spend a lot of time thinking.  I’m not a vampire; I’m a thinker.  Most of my thinking has revolved around this thought: Thank goodness I have air conditioning.  (I have lived places where I do not and that is only ever sad.) 

During tonight’s thinking time, a moment of compassion struck me in the face.  My compassion was not for folks without capable climate control (if I like them, they’ve already been invited over) rather it was for those whose lives predate modern climate control.  (Old-timey, ancient climate control did not do much for humidity.)  “My poor, poor, sad ancestors!  Working on the farm in the hot sun, only to return to a hot home.  WHAT DID THEY DO WITHOUT A/C?!?!?”  Then I stopped.  Clearly my brain overheated.  What did they do?  They got hot.

* Wiki says it’s Willis Carrier


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