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Bacon Yields Free (Admission to Buy Overpriced) Beer

I love hosting Baconalia parties, but the prepwork leaves a bit to be desired – predominately because it pretty much all takes place immediately before the party.  In addition to that being annoying and kinda stressful, it leaves me and my kitchen greasy and gross.   (Aside: I’m not sure which I’m more bothered by people seeing greasy and gross.)  Anyway!  I’ve been playing around a bit with bacon baked goods.   Last week I made some bacon-fat ginger snaps; the recipe and photos will eventually follow.   The positive and negative of this is that I end up with a fair amount of bacon-based baked goods.  When I know how much bacon fat is in each cookie (it’s around 1t) it is less-than-appealing to gorge on a dozen in one sitting.  That dozen cookies contains 1/4c of bacon fat.  At present my blood pressure and cholesterol are fantastic; I’d like to keep that way at least until I hit 35.

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Five Good Things

1.) I have time to fix my bike tomorrow.  I killed the tube a couple of weeks ago and that has been a very sad situation.   Tomorrow I will fix it and then go for a celebratory ride.

2.) One of my friend’s kids recently started playing hockey.   She shared the pictures on facebook and it’s ridiculously cute.  I mean, the kiddo is cute to begin with, but it’s a whole new level with him all geared up and pushing around a chair.  (Aside: I am so glad he isn’t hunched over, pushing a milk crate.)

3.) Apples are in season, crunchy and delicious.  I have big plans to make some basil, bacon, and granny smith apple sandwiches – possibly for the mom in #2. 

4.) I have baseball tickets for later this week.   

5.) My new employer was totally cool with me leaving work early to go to the game in #4 – gave me an “Of course!  It’s important to support your boys!” – and in a very genuine way.


Baconalia Review: Praline Bacon with Goose Island Nightstalker Beer

Praline Bacon with Goose Island Nightstalker Beer


There’s a shirt out there that proclaims “Bacon is Meat Candy.”  I do not have this shirt, but I do have a recipe for meat candy.  This is it.  Oh my gosh.  This.  Is.  It.  I matched dessert beer with my meat candy and my sweet tooth was sated.    

Praline bacon is wicked easy to make.  It has three ingredients: pecans, brown sugar, and bacon.  While I use a lot of Hormel Black Label bacon, I wanted my bacon to be at least as thick as its candy coating, so opted for sturdier bacon.  I went with the thick cut applewood smoked bacon from my local Trader Joe’s.  The applewood smoked aspect is pretty subtle – especially with the coating – but adds a nuance of, “huh, something about this is extra good.”  Using thicker bacon also made this easier to handle.  Praline bacon CAN be prepared ahead of time and is somewhat shelf stable, although it is best warm.  (Shelf-stable claim based on the fact that mailed some to a friend and he did not get sick after consuming it.)    

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Five Weak Excuses For My Silence

So, um, I haven’t been posting much lately.  I’ve started a few posts, but haven’t gotten around to finishing them yet.  Here are five poor excuses for my silence, along with their debunktion.

1.) Oh, I am so busy!  I started a new job and it involves all sorts of new job-y stuff.  Yeah, a new part-time job.

2.) I am searching for other jobs AND studying to open educational opportunities. True, but I am doing those things when I’m not frittering my time away.

3.) Oh, but I am so tired!  So tired!  So tired!  LE TIRED.  Sounds like time to better strategize my coffee and soda opportunities.   While I am an eight hours per night person, there are sixteen other hours each day.   I work little more than sixteen hours per work.

4.) Nothing exciting is going on.  This is different from usual how?

5.) I’m hungry.  Great.  How many food-related posts have I started?


Five Good Things

1.) I like my new job.  It is only part-time, but it is enough time for now.  Also, since I’m working on a couple of side projects, it is nice to have some time for them.

2.) I didn’t really like my breakfast options this morning, but when I got to my car, I remembered (because I saw it) I had left a banana in there yesterday.  So I ate it.  Then, pretty much immediately when I got to work, I was asked to take the kids AND MYSELF to the bakery for a special breakfast.

3.) One of my friends was in town and her job put her up in a hotel downtown.  I visited her there and they had some of my fave toiletries in the bathroom.  Since Friend brought her own, I got to take the free ones home with me!

4.) Red Sox – Yankees series this weekend, with two of the three games available on channels that I can watch at home.

5.) The weather of the tundra is perfect.


Five Good Things

Except for the dramatic decrease in my income, unemployment really suits me.  I did snag a nice part-time job and am actively looking at ways to get myself back to full-time employment…just maybe not the 60+ hrs/week sort of full-time employment.  While I’m partially-employed, good things have been a-happenin’…

1.) Tonight I had to pull off the bike path due to eye-bug issue.  This is not the good thing part.  Some random guy pulled off right behind me to ask if I was “all right” or “needed any help.”  He was probably around my age and looked like a viking that J.Crew reimagined.   (Oops that I thanked him and sent him on his way – I would have been more fine with his phone number!)

2.) I found my secret stash of Starbucks cards and free drink coupons.  Score!  Now I can vary my study locations…with treats.

3.) I might have unintentionally dramatically reduced my caffeine intake.  I’m trying to drink more water (I’d like to pretend it’s for my health, but it’s more because I am poor and my tap water is potable.*) and as part of that, neglected to make coffee (ethical coffee is EXPENSIVE) and avoided soda ALL DAY.  I have not had caffeine in almost 36 hours.  That’s pretty much a post-womb record.

4.) Neither my driver’s license photo nor my passport photo are awful.  They’re are both actually pretty all right.  While neither is new, I spent some time admiring my ids earlier today, so it’s topical.

5.) Football has officially started.  I don’t have a team, so I never get overly disappointed.   I just like watching sports.

*Really WordPress?  “Potable” is not a word?  Man, am I going to rock out on the GREs.


Veggie Hazard!

Careful! Not for Kids!


Most product recalls are rather boring and predictable: long strings can strangle, machetes can cause cut, fireworks can cause burns… Every once in awhile though, there is a recall that is pretty much completely nonsensical – and it usually cracks me up.  The latest is a laceration hazard connected to ASPARAGUS.  Oh, noes!  Take the asparagus away from the kiddies!  

Fine, so it’s a toy asparagus and it does have wire.  Still, the summary line in my inbox left out that detail, so as far as I am concerned: We all need to be concerned about asparagus lacerations.   Fortunately, I’m willing to live on the edge for somethings, so I will still be enjoying some pasta with asparagus and goat cheese.  Mmm…Happy Fat Kid. 

Aside: The spinach and egg recalls did not even make me smirk.

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