Five Good Things

Except for the dramatic decrease in my income, unemployment really suits me.  I did snag a nice part-time job and am actively looking at ways to get myself back to full-time employment…just maybe not the 60+ hrs/week sort of full-time employment.  While I’m partially-employed, good things have been a-happenin’…

1.) Tonight I had to pull off the bike path due to eye-bug issue.  This is not the good thing part.  Some random guy pulled off right behind me to ask if I was “all right” or “needed any help.”  He was probably around my age and looked like a viking that J.Crew reimagined.   (Oops that I thanked him and sent him on his way – I would have been more fine with his phone number!)

2.) I found my secret stash of Starbucks cards and free drink coupons.  Score!  Now I can vary my study locations…with treats.

3.) I might have unintentionally dramatically reduced my caffeine intake.  I’m trying to drink more water (I’d like to pretend it’s for my health, but it’s more because I am poor and my tap water is potable.*) and as part of that, neglected to make coffee (ethical coffee is EXPENSIVE) and avoided soda ALL DAY.  I have not had caffeine in almost 36 hours.  That’s pretty much a post-womb record.

4.) Neither my driver’s license photo nor my passport photo are awful.  They’re are both actually pretty all right.  While neither is new, I spent some time admiring my ids earlier today, so it’s topical.

5.) Football has officially started.  I don’t have a team, so I never get overly disappointed.   I just like watching sports.

*Really WordPress?  “Potable” is not a word?  Man, am I going to rock out on the GREs.


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