Bacon Yields Free (Admission to Buy Overpriced) Beer

I love hosting Baconalia parties, but the prepwork leaves a bit to be desired – predominately because it pretty much all takes place immediately before the party.  In addition to that being annoying and kinda stressful, it leaves me and my kitchen greasy and gross.   (Aside: I’m not sure which I’m more bothered by people seeing greasy and gross.)  Anyway!  I’ve been playing around a bit with bacon baked goods.   Last week I made some bacon-fat ginger snaps; the recipe and photos will eventually follow.   The positive and negative of this is that I end up with a fair amount of bacon-based baked goods.  When I know how much bacon fat is in each cookie (it’s around 1t) it is less-than-appealing to gorge on a dozen in one sitting.  That dozen cookies contains 1/4c of bacon fat.  At present my blood pressure and cholesterol are fantastic; I’d like to keep that way at least until I hit 35.

And so I share.  I share  a lot.  Actually, I would share anyway and the inspiration for making these was one-part unemployed, two-parts curiosity, and six-parts easily mailable to possibly blue and/or stressed friends.  After my mailings, I still had more cookies than prudent.  (The recipe made a lot and it wasn’t easily reducible.)  My best options seemed to be to find some local people with whom I could share or adopt a puppy. 

Due to existing plans to meet up with some friends at “Oktoberfest,” I elected for the former option.   I was out of appropriate-sized Ziploc(TM) baggies, so instead stacked my cookies in a tower and wrapped them up with some Press ‘n Seal(TM).  I stuck the wrapped package in my jacket pocket and moseyed to Oktoberfest.

True to my nature, I got really lost on my way to Oktoberfest.  I am not exactly sure how I managed it, as I could have made it there by walking west a long time and then TURNING ONCE to head south for three blocks.  Instead, initially went south, then walked too far west, took a bus too farther west, got off the bus, said “Oh crud” to myself, and then refocused and walked to where I belonged.  My scenic route – because I love to take my time in the rain – made me later than I meant to be.  I figured that this was okay as it meant:

a.) My friends might be able to secure a table by the time I arrived

b.) It’s less bad to be late when one shows up with cookies to share.

The bad part about being later than expected was that the line to get in was longer than expected. 

Since I had spent so much time being lost in my neighborhood I was a little concerned that I might be lost in the line.  I asked the friendly looking folks in front of me if I was in the line for the Oktoberfest Tent.  They were uncertain, but had deduced that the line was so slow as they were checking everyone’s id, so at the very least, it was a line to eventual, potential beer.  That worked for us.

What didn’t work for us was the speed with which the line was moving and the lack of snacks available in the line.  I then remembered that the large lump in my jacket contained a dozen cookies.  I gave my new friends the out that I would not judge them negatively if they were not interested and I was not sure I would be interested if I was them, but if they wanted a little snack, I totally had cookies in my pocket – and oh yeah, the cookies were made with bacon fat.

They were game.  They bit – bit into delicious spicy-smokey cookies.  (Aside: Plenty made it to my friends, who had secured a table.)   Before we knew it, we had our turns to verify our ages and be allowed into the tent of $5 dixie cups of beer.  To thank me for my cookies, my line friends paid my admission.  Yay for bacon, beer, and friendly folks in lines.


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