Rumors Around the Bottle Warmer…

At work, we sometimes hang around the traditional water cooler, but more often we cluster around the bottle warmer. The word around the warming milk (and the train tracks…and the board books…and the half-eaten crayons…) is that EVERYONE HAS A BELLY BUTTON. Breaking news, I know.

Since the discovery of navels is new and novel, there is some concern that they might not be a permanent. Ergo, the munchkins have appointed themselves Keeper of the Belly Buttons, performing frequent spot checks to insure that no navel absconds. In practical terms, this means that at any place and at any time, a little person might lift my shirt and poke for my belly button. In addition to finding my belly button, there’s also a fair amount of belly (no button) that I hide under my shirt.

Supporters of tact and my pride these folks are not…yet…But! Kids are trainable and so am I. I’m working my abs routine a little better, so that instead of cringing at exposure, I can be all, like, “Yup, that’s my belly button AND MY ROCK SOLID ABS!” Can’t help it when the kids show the adults off, right? Turnabout is fair play, and we’re all about fair play.


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