Halloween Reflections

At expectation, I went to a couple of Halloween parties Saturday night.   I made the following observations:

1.) The Halloween crowd on public transit is less scary and more interesting than the usual crowd.

2.) Despite point one, the solitary, uncostumed elderly gentleman on the bus wanted to be my new BFF and chatted me up.  Halloween or not, I struggle with ignoring people with whom I do not want to be friends.  I generally don’t like strangers, but that seems rude.  I often remember too late to pretend I don’t speak English and just reply in Russian. 

3.) As a child, how my costume would work with appropriate outerwear was a HUGE consideration.  As an adult, how annoying my costume will be in a crowd is my primary consideration.  (This year I went for an easily removeable costume – win! – which I removed after the novelty wore off…and when I went to the bathroom.)

4.) Halloween treats are universally delicious.

5.) I’m never too old for witches’ brew or Jello mold brain.

6.) I still don’t really get the slutty Halloween costume thing…especially considering how that’s pretty much what I see out on the town the other 364 nights per year.  Why is there such a large market for themed whores?

7.) Once again, I am glad I avoided any sort of mystery make-up or hair dye.  You might think that is boring and lame of me, but I was the girl in the costume constructed from tagboard, fishing line, and duct tape.

8.) My costume was “Da Bomb” – literally.  I cut out large bomb shapes from two pieces of tagboard, added duct tape fuses, and then made them into a sandwich board (resizeable for sharing) with fishing line.  What am I?  I’m da bomb.  Fun and done.  Ninety-eight cents.  (I also learned that most of my friends do not have fishing line in their toolboxes.  I don’t understand that.)

9.) In exchange for sort of half-assing on the costume front, I brought a delicious pumpkin dip – with dippable objects – to the parties I attended.  Nobody seemed to mind the lame-ish costume.   Since I enjoy baking and wearing jeans, this was a win-win for me.

10.) Target trip tomorrow!


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