Five Good Things

1.) I love to sleep in; I’m naturally a night person.  (Ask me how that works with rowing.)  Falling back over the weekend was fantastic and I am still enjoying that extra hour of sleep.  As a special bonus, the kiddos received the memo about the time change and made the shift flawlessly.

2.) My dinner tonight consisted of mulled wine, cheese, and ice cream.   This is okay because I am a grown-up adult and can do whatever I want.  Whatever, my bloodwork is fantastic.  I’m more likely to die because I did a bad job crossing the street (the drivers of the tundra are le horrid) than due to severe scurvy.  (How bad does scurvy have to get to be fatal?)

3.) Not only did my tuberculosis clear up, but it’s nice enough to go outside and enjoy my recovered lung capacity!   It’s pretty much our third Indian Summer and I am not complaining.

4.) Later this week, some of my friends and I are going to improv.  The concept?  Personal ads and missed connections from craigslist.  Can’t wait. 

5.) Scrabble is on sale at Toys R Us and there is a rebate on it from Hasbro.  I’m totally hosting a Scrabble Tournament this winter (with bracket) so took advantage of this one.


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