Rationalization, Please (Toddler Toys)

Bad decisions can be defended with good arguments.  I’ve personally made some less than stellar choices – three time traffic court defendant!  However, I balance those missteps with some more than stellar rationalizations – three time traffic court WINNER!  As previously listed while I think (know) that there are some nasty toys out there, it’s pretty easy to argue reasons for purchasing and gifting them.  Please note that I am not saying that you ought to purchase them, I’m merely saying that if you happen to purchase them and need to explain yourself…well, basically I’m an enabler.  “It looked like fun” is a pretty lame defense.  If you want to go with a fun line of reasoning, back it up with a relevant opinion – the salesperson, a mom/dad/kid in the aisle said it’s a favorite at their house, your own kid, winning some award, etc.  An “award” sticker on a box is always a good first line of defense.

Remote Controlled Toys – You’re sure dad/mom used to (still?) play with these and you wanted Tiger Cub to own one of his/her very own.  More specifically, you wanted Tiger Cub’s to be less breakable.  Come on, it’s awesome and either something every boy should have or every girl needs to breakdown gender-driven stereotypes.  Possibly, this is a way for Tiger Cub to play with the family pets.  Developmentally, manipulating the remote encourages fine motor movements and not throwing it out window helps develop patience and emotional control.  (Emotional Control is not related to Remote Control.)

Non-Battery Operated Voice Amplifier – Little Starshine’s voice is like the angels – and s/he can really rock out some dance moves too!  (Note: Do NOT compare Starshine’s dance moves to say, Shakira.)  Your motivation behind this gift was to encourage Little Starshine’s star quality.  (Is Star Search on anymore?  If so, plug that too.)   It doesn’t have batteries, so you’d never need to replace them.  It doesn’t have a cord, so Little Starshine won’t trip on it and break his/her face.  This gift is all about nurturing artistic inclinations and promoting creativity.

Large Collections of Small Things – These seemed so great for taking to restaurants or on an airplane!  They are so portable it’s ridiculous.  You know, just tuck them into the great abyss that is otherwise known as The Diaper Bag.  It’ll be great.  And it was only a dollar!!!

Play-Doh – Play-Doh has existed approximately as long as children have existed.  (According to wiki, for the former this was the 1930s, but it was not actually sold as a modeling compound until the 1950s.  I am totally guessing on the latter.)  For good reasons, Play-Doh can be found in most daycares and preschools.  In terms of physical development, it’s a great way to build muscle strength, control, and tone – it’s a frequent tool for PT and OT.  It’s also fun to talk about – either what is being modeled or basic colors and shapes.  Hello, EDUCATIONAL!  Play-Doh is totally non-toxic too, as the health of Play-Doh Pete is an obvious priority.

Singing and Dancing Stuffies – Oh, but they are so cute!  Some also add a little bit of holiday or seasonal pizzazz to the homestead.  And look how much the Little Lumplet is laughing and smiling…you just wanted Lumplet to be happy, to laugh and to smile…why don’t the parents want that?  Why?


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