Sock Contest: A Trick

clearly he has some nordic heritage

I like clean, although I like the state of clean a lot more than I like the activity of cleaning.  Last Saturday, I invited some friends over for a potluck dinner (more on that another day, probably with pictures).  Unfortunately for me, it’s the time of year of snow and slush and salt and sand; all of which are pretty much hell on my floors.   Just as guests often bring wine or treats, their shoes often bring the quadruple floor assault.  Fortunately for me, my friends are considerate and I am tricky-smart. 

I know I can simply ask people to remove their shoes at the door.  Unfortunately, that is kind of boring and not fun, two adjectives I strive not to have associated with myself.   While I doubt no-shoes-at-my-house is news to any of my buddies, I still like to warn them ahead of time as some of my friends are fancy and coordinated and do things like think about what shoes they ought to wear with an outfit –a nd then actually remember to wear them.  Enter the sock contest.

I’m competitive.  My friends are competitive.  It’s a constant amongst all of my friend groups.  When I mix my friend groups, it’s something everyone has in common.   The theme for last weekend’s potluck was “Midwestern Church Basement” and so my invitation asked people to wear their “most Midwestern” socks, as there would be a contest (with prize) and shoes would be left at the door. 

Okay.  I don’t exactly know what “Midwestern” socks are.  Are they warm?  Do they have a bison print or some additional feature of practicality?  I sure was asked what “Midwestern socks” are by guests from various regions of the US and Taiwan.  I told them it was a personal term and to wear whatever “Midwestern socks” meant to them…or wear white athletic socks…just please don’t wear shoes in my house.

Sock Contest was a hit.  Most people didn’t really participate and we decided that neon yellow socks are actually Hawaiian socks, but everyone wore socks and laughed at with me.  It was great.  You know what else was great?  Not needing to mop my floors three times after my guests left.  There was barely anything to sweep and total clean-up clocked in at under an hour.  (Thanks dishwasher!)

For what it’s worth, the winning socks were thick and warm (for winter), with a somewhat Nordic print.  Their “best” feature their grippy bits which kept the wearer from sliding about the floors – so safe and practical!  She won a troll in a Vikings jersey, because that is a Midwestern team and a regift that I had onhand.  She loved it, but plans to redress it as a Blackhawks supporter.  I plan to institute sock contests at all subsequent gatherings I host – at least until the winter passes.


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