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Crock Pot Bread Pudding – Round Two


A couple of weeks ago, I made a sweet bread pudding in my mid-sized crockpot.  One of my friends (Suzy) was aghast that I didn’t include raisins.  I tried to explain to her that I did not include them because I don’t much like raisins in my baked goods* and I do like chocolate in my baked goods and, well, since I was the one making the baked good, I GOT MY WAY.

Some people just have very little sense.  Those same people also don’t always want to hear it.

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Five Good Things

1.) I have had this blog for over a year and have yet to get in trouble for having it or anything on it.  Additionally, I also am still writing on le blog.  Yay committment!

2.) Copying (the most sincere form of flattery) a challenge KTB issued herself, I decided to crock once per week while home this winter.  This week was my third consecutive week of crockery. 

3.) I’m going to see my college friends in less than one week and my family in just over one week.

4.) I got a new computer cord!  My old one broke, meaning computer down, meaning that’s why I’ve been so quiet.

5.) I bought new hair conditioner tonight.  It’s medium fancy and smells pretty great.  As much as I hate mornings, I’m almost excited to get up and shower.


Crock Pot Bread Pudding, Recipe and Ramble

These are leftovers, because I forgot to snap a picture during the original eating

The following is part recipe and part confession.  The recipe part is super easy and yields delicious bread pudding.  The confession aspect is more complicated…see, it turns out I am a total nana.  Technically, I’m only nana-like, but if I started a promiscuous line or lived back in, say, Tudor England, I’m technically old enough to be an actual nana.  Like, the sort of nana with grandchildren – the real sort.  In actuality, I have two houseplants (one dead) and neither child nor grandchild.  Scattered throughout this process were moments akin to what a grandmother might do, for which I (cringingly) awarded myself “nana points.”

I’m not exactly sure what compelled me to make bread pudding, but the need was strong.  I’m not even a huge fan of bread pudding and I lack any emotional attachment to it.  Growing up, we rarely had it as my mother classified it as soggy, old bread.  That is a true statement, except you then cook – or crock – the soggy, old bread.  Conveniently, I had a little over one-third of a baguette left over from earlier in the week.  Completely stale, bread pudding or bread crumbs were probably the only practical purposes for it.  If you are keeping track, that’s two nana points: one for bread pudding and one for salvaging old bread.

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Five Good Things

1.) On Demand offers winning programs such as “Bear vs. Tiger,” in which they SCIENTIFICALLY DEDUCE who would trounce whom.  (They ruled bear wins.)

2.) I did some crock pot experimenting and it wasn’t a disaster.  Suprising, as it was totally a baking project.  (More on this later this week.)

3.) Crockpotluck?  Crockvention?  Whatever term I make up and settle upon, I crocked some dessert up last night and KTB crocked up some dinner.  Yum.  Yay for neighbors and crock pots. 

4.) The (free) outdoor skating rinks are open and the weather is cold enough that the ice should be decent.  I loathe soft ice.

5.) I am full of SUPERFOOD!  Kale was on sale and I know how to prepare it so that it is delicious…versus tough and kind of gross.  I am a champ, a superchamp.


To Crock (v)

Recently, a friend hit me up for a definition of “crocking.”  Most simply, crocking is the action of using a crockpot.  Less simply, and more accurately, I gave her this response:

Some people might tell you that crocking isn’t really a word and that it’s the verbitizing of a brand name – a brand name which is probably trademarked.  I’m here to tell you that those people are losers and pick their noses all the time.  Crocking is the cool kids’ version of slow cooking.  It’s a bit more extreme and requires a lot more passion.  Fear not though!  It’s still fantastically energy efficient. 

Slow cooking is what nanas do.  Slooooooooooooow cooking is what the chef on South Park WOULD do.  Crocking is a movement of our time. 
Crock on, world, crock on.

Hot Chocolate

Yum.  I a convert of making my own hot chocolate.  My friend SB recently blogged about how “it’s basically as easy/quick, yet much tastier” to make one’s own hot chocolate.  I’ll agree with her on the second point, but not the first.  However, while it is significantly more involved and time consuming to make cocoa from scratch, it’s still super easy and super fast…and super worth it.

As per my usual, I didn’t actually measure anything.  Thus, I can’t comment on her exact recipe.  I CAN (and will!) say that it is a great guide.  I really liked the kick from the cinnamon; it was NOT too much.   Try it.  You’ll love us both.  Recipe is here . 

This would probably work well in a crockpot, for a larger group or thirsty/cold friends.  I would probably melt the chocolate in a saucepan, for faster results.  It would require an extra pan, but I think that is worth it to avoid melting chocolate in a crock.

Warning: This is super rich and makes Swiss Miss look/taste/smell like dirty water.

Warning #2: NO RUM FOR KIDS.


Results: Funfetti, Take Two

The ingredients for...

The reason for the delay in results posting is threefold: overworked (me), overtired (me), overfailure (cake).

We determined that I needed to continue this challenge with traditional and legitimate Funfetti. This meant that I had to walk allllllllllll the way to the grocery store to pick up a box.  I used that time to ponder my plan of attack, in which I would attack cake fails and potential food poisoning. 

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